Orange and T-Mobile UK Galaxy S II ICS updates confirmed

As the world awaits Samsung's next big thing, it's worth remembering that some Galaxy S II owners are still waiting on their upgrade to the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. While the update has already rolled out for network-branded Galaxy S II's on O2, Three and Vodafone (as well as unbranded phones), Orange and T-Mobile UK have so far lagged behind.

But today both carriers provided more info on when users can expect their updates -- Orange expects the update to go out over Kies tomorrow, while Tmo's is scheduled for Sunday, April 22.

There's still no word on ICS updates for the many U.S. variants of the Galaxy S II, though recent leaks seem to show progress being made towards stable ICS builds.

Source: TechRadar

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Every ICS leak build I have found for my E4GT runs very slowly and dies quickly. And when I monitor the processing speed, it never drops below 1000 mHz (which would account for the battery drain). If this is not fixed and It takes away the smoothness that I bought the phone for, I will just stay with Calkulin's 2.3.6 EL29. As it runs smooth at 500 mHz and makes the battery last a couple of days.
  • Um... hello? I posted that I upgraded to ICS for my unlocked i9100 in the US almost 3 weeks ago. It wasn't a leaked build, it was done via Kies through Sammy. (check my forum posts) ICS is stable and now that I've loaded Nova Launcher and Chrome (which can only be done after you upgrade to ICS). The phones are awesome!
  • Hopefully they don't postpone at last minute......but it's good to know it's ready. All I need now is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
  • Roll on!!!!
  •!/orangehelpers/status/192940576423944192 It's coming out earlier!
  • When is it coming for this ET4G!!!???
  • It's out now and guess what?.... My battery is low on charge as I didn't charge it last night. Oh he Shame of it!