Oppo's Project Spectrum brings a near-stock Android experience to the Find 7 and 7a

Smartphone maker Oppo has released the first beta version of its "near-stock" Android ROM for the Find 7 and 7a, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Dubbed "Project Spectrum," the ROM is a departure from Oppo's own ColorOS, featuring nearly stock Android with a few useful ColorOS features thrown in. Here's what Oppo says it opted to include, along with a few caveats for the initial version of the ROM:

  1. Screen-off Gestures: Currently there are two supported screen-off gesture, double tap to wake up the phone and draw a circle to open the camera app. They are turned off by default, to use it please enable it in Settings -> Accessibility -> Screen-off gestures
  2. ColorOS Camera: Currently the ColorOS camera is supporting the following plugins: Beautify, Filters, HDR, GIF, Double exposure and Expert Mode, for others we will continue working and try add them in the near future. Note: As we are using the stock Google photos app you cannot delete a photo you've just taken, to delete photos please open the Google photos app
  3. MaxxAudio: The MaxxAudio is supported and turned on by default, to enable/disable it please go to Settings -> Sound & notification -> MaxxAudio

Other than those three items, the ROM is mostly stock Android as you'd expect it to be. This initial beta release is only for the Find7 and Find 7a, but Oppo has said it plans to push out a version for the R5 and R5s next. An Android Marshmallow update, as well as one for the Oppo R7 are expected for 2016.

If you happen to own an Oppo Find 7 or Find 7a and want a taste of what the company has cooked up, you can head to the link below to download the initial Project Spectrum release and start flashing away.

Download Oppo's Project Spectrum 1.0 beta for the Find 7 and Find 7a{.cta .large}

Source: Oppo (1, 2)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster