OPPO Calendar

Oppo has announced an advent calendar that will bring discounts of up to €80 on the entire R7 series of smartphones, which will be joined by giveaways and "high-tech stocking stuffers". The promotion will run from December 7 - 13 where consumers can collect a badge for each day they open a door on the Oppo calendar.

Should you happen to visit the calendar for all seven days, you'll have the chance to win an Oppo R7s, which will be handed to the first two participants who manage to collect the seven badges. Should you only have at least one badge, you'll be awarded a €20 OPPOStyle.com voucher that can be used for a device in the R7 family. At least five badges will bag you a €80 voucher. Here's a handy run down:

  • 7 badges: R7s smartphone for first two winners
  • 5-6 badges: 80€ EUR voucher
  • 3-4 badges: 40€ EUR voucher
  • 1-2 badges: 20€ EUR voucher

Also, if you leverage your social media following to spread the word about Oppo's little promotion, the company has VOOC Flash Chargers and OPPO Selfie Sticks up for grabs. Simply hit one of the share buttons and/or add the hashtag #OPPOXmas to be in with a chance. For more details on the promotion, be sure to check out the official announcement linked below.

Source: Oppo