OpenFeint launches GameFeed, a cross-platform news feed

OpenFeint announced today that they have developed and launched GameFeed, a cross platform news ticker that features real-time updates from other players in your OpenFeint network.  Using GameFeed, developers can deliver news that is directly related to the game you're playing, while you're playing it.  A quote from Jason Citron, OpenFeint founder and CEO sums it up nicely:

GameFeed connects people by taking a simple act, like finishing a level or posting a high score, and turning it into a meaningful, cross platform shared experience.

OpenFeint is the largest mobile gaming network, and a big part of the success can be attributed to their quick embrace of the Android platform.  We all know that cross-platform social gaming is more fun, simply because the user base is much larger.  Many of the people on my OpenFeint friends list are using iOS devices, and a few even use both iOS and Android.  Bringing things like realtime leader board updates can only make it better.  Hopefully, we'll be seeing some games with GameFeed enabled soon.  The full press release is after the break.

More information: OpenFeint

OpenFeint Launches GameFeed, a New Way to Foster Cross-Platform Social Competition for 90 Million Mobile Gamers

Burlingame, Calif. – June 7, 2011 – OpenFeint, the largest mobile social gaming network, today announced the launch of GameFeed, a cross platform news feed featuring real time gaming updates from players’ OpenFeint network. Designed to foster social competition, GameFeed launches in private beta to developers today.

“We believe mobile games should connect people, whether they're living in distant corners of the planet or using completely different mobile operating systems," said Jason Citron, founder and CEO of OpenFeint. "GameFeed connects people by taking a simple act, like finishing a level or posting a high score, and turning it into a meaningful, cross platform shared experience."

With GameFeed, developers can expose their game's community through a new drop-in widget with one line of code. Players see a stream of in-game updates based on the activity of other players in the OpenFeint network. By immediately seeing when a friend has bested a high score or unlocked a seemingly unattainable achievement, players are encouraged to play with each other more frequently.

For players who opt in to OpenFeint, GameFeed will soon introduce them to new gamers, intelligently suggesting new friendships, featuring interesting changes to user profiles, and recommending new games that are popular among friends.

“GameFeed will help form and strengthen relationships on the network – connecting Android and iOS gamers in ways that make playing games far more engaging,” said Citron.

Developers interested in learning more about becoming a GameFeed beta partner should visit

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