OnePlus is now offering its lifestyle products in India, kicking things off with a travel backpack, messenger bag, and t-shirts. The brand gave away a few accessories as part of its Diwali Sale last month, but is now launching OnePlus Gear merchandise officially in the country. The OnePlus 3T is also set to make its debut in India on December 2.

OnePlus India's general manager Vikas Agarwal took to the forums to share further details regarding the launch of the OnePlus 3T:

Getting the OnePlus 3T to India has been a top priority for us, and we are delighted to announce that we are all set to release the OnePlus 3T in India shortly! The next big question on everyone's mind would be the announcement of the launch date.

Since we know how eager our fans are to get their hands on the OnePlus 3T in India, we felt that it is only befitting for us to do something special. So I volunteer to put myself up to a round of 'Truth or Dare' where you, our fans, can choose to either 'ask me anything' or challenge me to an 'adventurous dare'. At the end of this round, I will announce the official date of the OnePlus 3T release in India.

Update: The Facebook poll has closed, and Agarwal has revealed that the OnePlus 3T will make its debut in the country on December 2:

In the mood for some OnePlus-branded merchandise? Head to the company's online store from the link below.

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