Right on schedule, OnePlus has opened up the "Gear" section of its online store for a limited time to start selling some of the lifestyle products it has been selling in China for some time. This is simply a testing of the waters from OnePlus as the sale is only on for a mere 24 hours, so if you're at all interested in these bags and t-shirts you'll want to check out the store right away.

OnePlus Gear store

While the prices are a tad more expensive than expected, they're still reasonable, with the sleek travel backpack landing at $50 and the simple travel messenger bag for the same price in two color choices. You can also go for a premium leather version of the messenger for twice the price. At $20 each the shirts aren't cheap, then again OnePlus likely isn't making enough to offer them much cheaper.

Get 'em while you can.

The hope is that OnePlus may see enough sales in this first testing period to keep the Gear store open permanently outside of China, adding more of the products currently available there and eventually bringing down the operating costs enough to sell a bit cheaper. The few things available now look quite nice (I actually have the backpack and it's very well designed and constructed), and I'd like to see more of it.

After the announcement and seeing what's offered, are you interested in picking up any OnePlus Gear? Let us know what you picked up (or passed on) in the comments!

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