OnePlus Cardboard

In their continued efforts to get as many folks excited about the launch of the OnePlus 2 as possible, a VR campaign was announced last week to encourage folks at home to participate in the event. This isn't the first time we've seen a company use Google Cardboard to create a "virtual event" for a device launch, but OnePlus is the first company to directly involve their fans in the process. A special OnePlus version of Google Cardboard was made available on their website with the best price tag there is, and fans nearly broke the website trying to get a hold of this accessory.

Today those Cardboard units are going to start hitting doorsteps, and we've got a quick gallery to show you what it going on inside. Spoiler Alert — it's basically the same as every other Google Cardboard V2 unit out there.

As you can see, OnePlus Cardboard is mostly the same as Google Cardboard. OnePlus made it clear the design was a little thinner to snugly hold a OnePlus One, but in exchange there's no rubber band included to keep the phone from sliding out of the sides. That's a relatively small price to pay since you can get rubber bands anywhere, and probably worth adding to your setup to avoid accidents. The rest of the setup is the same, you've got velcro up top to hold the rig together and the touch-sensitive fabric that goes from the button up top to the screen in the box.

Until OnePlus is ready to make their grand announcement, here's some things you can do with your new Cardboard. Enjoy!