The OnePlus 6 doesn't work on Verizon or Sprint

It should come as no surprise to long-time OnePlus users, but the company's newest phone, the OnePlus 6, doesn't work on the largest U.S. carrier, Verizon, nor the fourth largest, Sprint. That's despite technically supporting most, but not all, of the wireless bands a phone typically needs to run on those networks.

Given that no OnePlus phone — nor most "unlocked for the world" phones — have supported Verizon and Sprint in the past, the realization isn't particularly shocking, but a closer look at the OnePlus 6's spec sheet would lead one to believe that it would be possible for the phone to connect to those networks.

If you're a Sprint or Verizon customer, stay away from the OnePlus 6.

The North American version of the OnePlus 6 supports CDMA bands BC0 and BC1, legacy 3G signals that Verizon and Sprint both still use for phone calls, texts, and fallback data in areas without LTE. Moreover, the phone supports all but one of Verizon's common LTE bands — 2, 4, and 5 — with band 13 being the single outlier. Unfortunately, Verizon relies heavily on band 13, which encompasses the long-traveling 700MHz signals prized in rural deployments — which precludes Verizon from supporting the phone on its network. Indeed, even if the OnePlus 6 supported band 13, it would still need to be approved by Verizon for use on its network, going through an extensive certification process{.nofollow}. OnePlus has never implied it would seek such a certification, and it looks like it's still off the table now.

On the Sprint side of things, the OnePlus 6 supports bands 25 and 26, but not 41, which is where the majority of Sprint's deployments lie. Sprint also requires manufacturers to certify their phones for its network, but the company is considerably more opaque about the process. In other words, the OnePlus 6 never had a chance with Sprint.

Such limitations also preclude the OnePlus 6 from working on Google's popular Project Fi MVNO, and any other wholesalers powered by Verizon or Sprint. On the flipside, the phone works out of the box with AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards, and even supports VoLTE and VoWiFi on the latter.

You know what phone does work on Verizon, though? The Pixel 2.

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Daniel Bader

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  • Thank goodness I get great service with T-Mobile. Can't imagine being stuck with carrier and not able to use the device of my choice.
  • That sux.
  • On the Sprint side of things, the OnePlus 6 supports bands 25 and 26, but not 41, which is where the majority of Sprint's deployments lie. These bands show it does support b41. Sprints b41 is TDD-LTE not FDD tho i'm not sure about their CDMA just wanted to clear that up Bands:
    FDD LTE: Bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/30/32/66/71
    TDD-LTE: Bands 34/38/39/40/41
    TD-SCDMA: Bands 34/39
    UMTS (WCDMA): Bands 1/2/4/5/8/9/19
    CDMA: BC0/BC1
    GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz (Edit) Also to note It does not support T-Mobiles b46 (LAA) buildout which I was kind of shocked about
  • This is the kind of crap that disappoints me, I have waited every year for CDMA support after the OnePlus 3. Being limited to only CDMA restricts a lot of people in the US like me from getting this sexy device...
  • Verizon has certified non-CDMA devices on it's network. The newest Sony has no CDMA support but works on Verizon.
  • If you're a Verizon user, take in mind that the OP6 has full CDMA Support for Verizon. Also for Verizon, you do not need certification to use a device on the network as service is tied to the SIM.
  • Can someone just drop a Verizon SIM in the thing to see if it works.
    Verizon no longer requires CDMA. The newest Sony compact is Verizon certified.
  • Verizon has worked since the OnePlus 3/3T with BC0 CDMA and Band 4 LTE (among other non-B13 LTE Bands). Now they added BC1 CDMA but still lacking B13 LTE.
  • This is incorrect. OnePlus has supported B41 LTE since the OnePlus 5 and 5T. The OP6 would never be allowed on Sprint's Network even if they did add the remaining CDMA Band. The ZTE Axon 7 has full CDMA/LTE Band Support and will still never be allowed on the network. Same applies in this situation.
  • I have a project fi Sim as one of my two in my OnePlus 5T and it works fine it's just always on T-Mobile though
  • Good info to know, now I won't waste my time reading all the articles about the phone.
  • But still no VoLTE and/or Wifi Calling on AT&T, right? I can't complain too much about the latest high-end Samsungs, but being limited to a couple of models from them and LG (uh... okayyy) is cramping my style.
  • I live in a remote area & Verizon is the only carrier I get good reception with. Kinda sucks, I would love to try these phones out but I'm very limited. I think for what your getting the op6 is very reasonably priced at 529.00. Although I would purchase the 128gb model because there is no micro s/d support! I could live with no ip rating or wireless. Why have a glass back phone with no wireless. Metal is just so much more durable!
  • Verizon may be the only carrier you get good reception with, because your phone(s) probably didn't support band 12 and/or band 71 - which provides long range support in rural areas for T-Mobile. Couple that with unlimited $15 Mint Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO) service, and you may be boxing yourself into Verizon for no good reason.
  • I would love to have a one plus 6 for Sprint. Chicago actually has quality service. Hopefully this merger happens and we are able to real the gsm benefits.
  • Because Sprint and Verizon are the best.😂😂😂
  • This nonsense is illegal in the UK, under the unfair competition rules. An unlocked phone has to, by law, work on any network in the country the phone is bought in. You can't by an unlocked phone here and have it not work on EE (as an example). Obviously network locked phones are different
  • So if the US had this same rule it wouldn't make Verizon or Sprint have the phone, it would just mean the US wasn't getting the phone period!!
  • Correct, not unlocked anyway. But the UK does still seem to get a far bigger choice of phones than the US.
    Maybe because they share a lot of the bands with the rest of the world.