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OG Droid Incredible random reboot fix now rolling out

The original Verizon/HTC Droid Incredible is rapidly approaching its third birthday, but if you've still got one knocking around then there's a new update you should be downloading. Software version 4.08.605.19 -- still based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, by the way -- has begun rolling out this morning, according to reports from the Android Central forums and tipster emails.

Verizon's official changelog shows only one notable difference in this new software, and that's a fix for random reboots on the device. So it's great -- if a little strange -- to see this kind of a fix being rolled out for such an old handset. OG Dinc owners, keep a look out for that OTA notification this morning, and be sure to hit the comments so we know how many of you are still out there!

Source: Android Central Forums; Thanks, Brandon!

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • I still have my Dinc and I haven't had OEM software on it for 2 years! I doubt this goes out to many handsets!
  • Verizon started testing this update in 2011, so it's right on schedule in their world.
  • Veri$on blows!
  • Really?? Really VZW. . . so happy I left you. Best Thing I Never Had.
  • THIS^^^^^^
  • I can, t send mail with my tab
  • Dat webdesign!
  • holy crap...didn't even realize it was AC. i barely even remember that design. lol also, that thing looks sooooo small now days. lol
  • Wow. This just makes me nostalgic. I've had 4 Android phones now (Dinc, Fascinate, Dinc2, GNex), but I gotta say, the Dinc was my favorite. I still remember the awe I was in when I first got it. I couldn't believe all the stuff you could do with a phone.
  • ^^^THIS TOO^^^
  • Agreed, DInc was my first Android phone, was a huge upgrade from Blackberry Storm!
  • Yeah I had Blackberry Storm(s) until Verizon gave me a Tour and I was much happier, the OG Droid was out and I wanted one but something felt off, got the Dinc when it came out, still have it, stowed away in it's box. Also haven't had Verizon firmware on it since about 6 months out of the box, got CyanogenMod and never looked back towards Sense or Verizon for software updates with any of my devices. Dinc, Fascinate, Bionic, GNex and now Note II.. I think this'll be the first phone I stick with for two years xD
  • I still have my Dinc, but it's had Cyanogen on it for years. I turned off the cellular features, stripped it down, and use it strictly as a MP3/podcast player/audio streaming device these days.
  • Funny, that's exactly what I use mine for. It's my "listening to podcasts while mowing the lawn" device.
  • Mine makes a fine deskside clock and VOIP phone as well.
  • Mine is running CM7.1, and used exclusively as an alarm clock. Still running great :)
  • Hilarious... I'm sitting next to my Dinc as I'm doing an nandroid restore on it, and I run across this story. I just got finsished disabling the cellular radios. I've been running a a tweaked, modded, and stripped version of CM7 for years. There was one strectch where I had a period of over 30 days of up-time (without ever rebooting... random or otherwise). But I broke that streak when I forgot to charge it as I moved cross country. I bet mine would go for years without rebooting, if I didn't need to update my adblocking DNS list sometimes. Today my Dinc just got downgraded to a "wifi only" toy. :( Thanks Verizon, for this update! But, I solved your problem quite a while ago... without your help... and despite your insistence that users should never be able to touch the system software on devices they own. And also Verizon, my wife and I won't be missing your monthly bills... I hope you don't miss our payments.
  • Got this yesterday on the DINC I use for my company phone. Still running strong!
  • I powered up my old DInc, downloaded the update, restarted my phone... and the 400 MB free that I had was apparently not enough to install the update. Just like any of the other updates. I wonder if this update would fix that bug.
  • I Guess they figure anyone who still has one activated will never upgrade until it dies so holding it back to trigger more upgrades won't work any more.
  • I bet you're right.
  • I can't believe I made $800 while..... just kidding. The Dinc was/is a great phone, still have one in a drawer somewhere. It's good to remember back in the olden days when HTC was killin it. Seems so long ago.
  • Lol, I applaud your jokes.
  • Strange...I got this OTA a little more than a week ago. Thought I was behind the curve.
  • That was my very first smartphone, after like it's 3rd update, it ran like a champ haha. Wish I still had mine.
  • I had to use my DInc for a week last month while on the road when I cracked my Galaxy S3 (so much for Gorilla Glass). It's still running an out of date Cyanomodgen. I was surprised how usable it was after two years primarily using the S3 and an iPhone 4S. It also made me realize how much I got used to the larger screen on the S3. Back in the drawer as my emergency phone...
  • Verizon will let you bounce between a 3G and a 4G phone like that without messing you about?
  • I'm still rocking mine right now, but I put CM7 on it around the time the GB update came out. Even before the GB update the phone was starting to act up on me. Just ordered my Nexus 4 yesterday, my Verizon contract is up this month!
  • I still have my OG Dinc, but it also hasn't had OEM on it for a long time.
    Rockin' AOKP (ICS), runs like a champ still, use it as my PMP.
    My daily driver is GNex running JBSourcery. Even so I still like the form factor of the Dinc.
  • Proud DInc user here. Using CM 7.2 w/ a ICS skin. Ahh, remembering the days when I felt like a badass for having the "Most powerful on the market" when it first came out. Remember waiting oh-so-patiently to be able to root it. Remember freaking the hell out because I thought I'd screwed it up (But didn't!) Now you're a dinosaur, but you still work flawlessly for what I use you for so I'm definitely not complaining. Keep on ticking little phone!
  • been running CM 10.1 using Tiny's nightly build with no issues for the past month. don't hear too many people saying the same with other phones...
  • I loved my Dinc. I still use it solely for Google Authenticator these days. I wish HTC would make another smaller form factor high end phone...
  • Seeing the OG dinc makes me really miss mine :( That phone was great. Had mine rooted running cyanogenmod 6 and 7....and with setcpu and the seidio 1750mAH aftermarket battery it would last me 2 whole days.
  • I have mine for a couple more days until I get my Nexus 4 up and going on the new SIM. Of course like many others, I'm running CM7 so it won't be getting this but it is nice to know that somebody is working on it!
  • Sweet. .. still have mine in my box o phones. :-)
  • Still using it, got it this morning. Was back on factory setting from when the reboots wouldn't stop, so this is a nice thing to have. Hopefully it actually works.
  • My brother still uses his even with a cracked screen. I also have a coworker who just got one as a gift... Her first smart phone. She thinks it's the best thing ever.
  • Got the update this morning, now NOTHING works that I had moved over to the SD card. Moved everything back, powered off completely, powered back on, still nothing. Looks like a factory reset is in order...
  • I still have mine, but it is running neither official firmware nor is it on the phone network anymore. It is strictly a WiFi device at this point.