Official Droid X Gingerbread changelog posted by Verizon

It was only a couple of days ago we were reliving the discussions of which devices would be getting Gingerbread eventually -- with the clear choices having been the Motorola Droid 2 and the Motorola Droid X. The Gingerbread leaks have arrived for both those devices and with the semi-official confirmations out of the way, it's no surprise really that Verizon has now posted up the changelog for what is the eventual release of Gingerbread for the Motorola Droid X.

Sadly, the one thing the Verizon changelog lacks is an official release date, so we're still stuck waiting on that but it's nice to know that it'll be soon rather than later at this point, which is bound to make a lot of Droid X owners out there happy.

Let this also stand as a friendly reminder for those of you whom may be rooted -- you'll want to go ahead and decline that update notification when it pops up until some folks get to have a look at it and ensure root can be maintained. Hit the source link below for the full .pdf changelog or you can jump on past the break for the second half of the above image.

Source: Verizon; via: Android Central Forums

  • Is this the same software as the leak from about a month ago?
  • Nope the one last month was version 4.5.588 this one is 4.5.596
  • Ok, thank you for the info!
  • there were 3 leaks... I believe the last one was .595
  • Oh wow I didnt know. I only knew of version 4.5.588. That was the one I installed on mine.
  • Yes... .595 ws the last leak. XDA even confirmed that an official upgrade path from .595 to Verizon's .596 is built into .596. Meaning that if you have the .595 leak installed, you'll be able to update to the official .596 without having to SBF back down first.
  • I don't think that is the case anymore. I'm pretty sure you have to SBF to the Froyo OTA release to get the update.
  • I received my new droid x on monday with gingerbread already it appears the new devices from Verizon are already running 2.3.3
  • I call bs
  • Now how bout some D2 luv
  • I bet this is closer than you realize. Go look at the pdf instructions on the vzw website that is linked in the article. They are actually using a D2 for the screenshots on how to install GB onto a DX! lol So to me that means it is ready for the D2 and will be released soon.
  • What happens if ur on the leak how do u update to the official update
  • Droid X, non-rooted, leaked GB .588...can I receive the OTA update, or do I need to go back to Froyo? If so, how do I go back to 2.2 w/o having to do a massive reloading of all my apps and stuff?
  • No, you won't get the OTA unless you go back to Froyo. You have to do the "massive reloading of all your apps and stuff", it's one of the penalties of installing leaks? Instructions here:
  • Im in the leak and I don't have a backup what do I do to get the official update
  • Completely wiping your device is the only way to get the OTA. Instructions: and for the future..don't make major system changes UNLESS you make a backup first. It makes things a lot easier.
  • Will the Droid Pro ever receive GB? Please Moto/Vzw!!! I totally understand y its called froyo, it should be fropho and would be truly accurate. If im playing with my phone it freezes about twice a minute and its getting old! I miss my Palm!
  • Yes the Droid Pro will receive GB soon , Motorola said that a few days ago
    Its published here in Android Central a few days ago Along with the Droid Pro
    The Entire Droid by Motorola will get GB soon (accept the OG Droid)
  • Yes the Droid Pro will receive GB soon , Motorola said that a few days ago
    It was published here in Android Central a few days ago Along with the Droid Pro
    The Entire Droid by Motorola will get GB soon (accept the OG Droid)
  • I might have reactivated the old Droid X.
  • Man,
    Out of that list I think the only features I care about is the App Groups and camera improvements....
  • so the droid x is getting gingerbread before the galaxy S. Wow Samsung just keep dropping the ball. You oversaw the development of Gingerbread in your own factory and you cant even get it out to your own line of phones.....
  • Put the blame on that one where it belongs Carriers not Samsung. The original Galaxy S got Frito in a very timely manner and they're rolling out Gingerbread in the UK now. The reason Frito took so long in the states and Gingerbread will probably never happen is because if our carriers. They meddled in every way with the original galaxy s phones from bloatware to the physical design of the phone and that's where the update problem comes from. I'm not saying Samsung is blameless by the carriers are more at fault.
  • "Frito" HAHA! I love Autocorrect sometimes!
  • I want to know when the Droid R2D2 is going to get updated to Gingerbread. I don't want to lose all my SW stuff just to get it.
  • You will get GB when the Droid 2 gets it. The R2D2 is just a regular D2 with a paintjob and some extra bloat installed by VZW to justify the extra $ they charged for it.