Oculus is working on AR glasses, will help bring people together

What you need to know

  • Facebook announced that it's working on AR glasses.
  • The glasses aim to bring people closer together.
  • The AR glasses will work with shared virtual maps to bring people together.

Facebook announced that it's working on AR glasses that will bring people closer together. The glasses will rely on virtual live maps that allow real-world objects to be inside of augmented reality with objects and people in the real world. The core of the presentation announcing the upcoming AR glasses focused on bringing people together.

Facebook said that the company is working on several ways to make these AR glasses work, so they could be a ways off. Facebook Reality Labs shared a concept video showing off how AR glasses could work.

One system that is key to these AR glasses is Live Maps. Facebook is working on a system that can scan real-world objects and mix them with virtual objects as shown off in the video above. It can contextually understand an environment and adjust an augmented reality experience accordingly.

Sean Endicott