If you can't access your Oculus Quest games, you're not alone

Oculus app library with Quest 2
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Over the past few days, Oculus Quest users have lost access to their accounts.
  • Losing access means you cannot use your headset or access your library of apps and games.
  • Meta says it has restored access to most accounts, but some lingering problems may still exist.

Oculus users around the globe have been having issues accessing their libraries of apps and games over the past few days. The problem seems to only be happening on Quest headsets and does not appear to affect the Rift platform on the PC. While some users initially thought this was caused by merging Oculus and Facebook accounts, Meta tells us that's not the case.

A Meta spokesperson said "recently we received reports of account issues, including log-outs and missing app libraries. This affected both Facebook-linked accounts and non-Facebook-linked Oculus accounts. The vast majority of accounts have now been restored. Anyone still experiencing an issue is encouraged to contact Oculus Support."

Meta acknowledged the issue on March 9, reporting a "high number of users" seeing the error. While it appears that accounts have been deleted for some folks, Meta says this is not the case and that users should not create new accounts. Instead, users should submit a ticket with Oculus support to get it resolved. The company has been a bit vague on the details, but we could guess how such a problem could happen.

We haven't heard much from Meta since it announced that it would be dropping the Facebook account requirement back in October. It's entirely plausible that work on this new feature could have caused such an outage. We saw a similar problem occur back in early October when all Meta services went down just before they announced the Meta name change.

Since this is an account-delated problem, it won't matter if you have the Oculus Quest 2 128GB or 256GB models. Since users facing this issue have been signed out of their accounts and weren't able to get back in, there was no way to access even games or apps that were already installed on the headset.

It's why we, among many users, have called out Meta on the account issue with Oculus headsets since the Facebook account requirement was initially instated. If you are still facing trouble with your Meta Quest headset and cannot access your library, Meta says you should contact support and submit a ticket. We'll be keeping an eye on this and asking Meta for continued updates.

Nicholas Sutrich
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