The Oculus Quest's game library continues to expand. Recently, the Oculus Quest gained the ability to play compatible Oculus Go and Gear VR games. This update brought dozens of new titles that you can play on your Oculus Quest. The Oculus Quest also gained the option to turn off inside-out tracking, which is a useful option if you're playing a game designed for the Oculus Go or Gear VR or if you're using a media app. The first wave of supported Oculus Go and Gear VR games included over 40 titles. We'll keep this list updated so you can keep track of all the compatible titles.

Tactera Oculus Go

★ Featured favorite: Tactera

In this virtual tabletop game, you command a futuristic war room to enact your strategies. You can use gunships, tanks, bombers, and other units to defeat your enemies.

$10 at Oculus Store
Ace Phantom Oculus Go

Fancy flying: Ace Phantom

Staff pick

This fast-paced title puts you in the cockpit of a fighter jet. The 360-degree combat has you face insides from the OO-Phantom fighter and will have you turning your head around to make the perfect shot.

$4 at Oculus Store
Death Horizon Oculus Go

Zombie virus: Death Horizon

Must have title

The T12 virus has broken out in this game, leading to zombie hordes appearing everywhere. You can use a variety of guns to slay the zombies, including a machine gun without any recoil. It also supports co-op multiplayer, so you can kill zombies with your friends.

$5 at Oculus Store
Battle of Kings VR: Mobile Oculus Go

Top down gaming: Battle of Kings VR: Mobile

Create a strategy to defeat your opponent in this top-down combat game. You can battle against other players or AI in strategic combat.

$5 at Oculus Store
Fear Incarnate Oculus Go

Scary running: Fear Incarnate

This game combines an endless runner with a cinematic horror experience. It has you wake up from cryo-stasis into a waking nightmare full of corridors and deadly traps.

$1 at Oculus Store
Paint VR

Artsy: Paint VR

Use your controller to create 3D art inside of VR in this painting experience.

$4 at Oculus Store
Salvo GO

Battle ships: Salvo Go

This game is essentially a VR version of Battleship. It allows you to seek and destroy your opponent. You can play against other users as well as your friends using the mobile app.

$4 at Oculus Store
Angest Oculus Go

Scary space: Angest

You play in this game as a cosmonaut on a ship that's on a mission. The longer you're on the ship, the more your sense of reality falters.

Free at Oculus Store
Bathroom Shooting Game Oculus Go

Simple shooting: Bathroom Shooting Games

Some people say it's important to keep your ducks in a row. This game makes it important to shoot your ducks in a row. It's a simple shooting game that you can kill time with by shooting ducks.

Free at Oculus Store
Coaster Oculus Go

Crazy coasters: Coaster

This game has four coasters to ride, including coasters set on asteroids in space and a dystopian mining colony. It's a shorter VR experience that combines coasters with a virtual view.

$2 at Oculus Store
CubeRun. VR Oculus Go

Endless running: CubeRun.VR

Collect coins as you run for eternity and dodge obstacles. You move your head around to stay clear of debris and keep your body ready to run.

Free at Oculus Store
Drift Oculus Go

Playing with polygons: DRIFT

In this game, you soar around freely and dodge obstacles to find your targets. It features a unique polygon art style and slow-motion effects that allow you to perfect your plans.

$10 at Oculus Store
Daedalus Oculus Go

Oneiric world: Daedalus

You hunt for three platforms that open gates while exploring a world inspired by a dream in this platformer. You can glide on the wind and jump off trampolines to explore the surreal world.

$5 at Oculus Store
My Virtual Pet Oculus Go

VR pets: My Virtual Pet VR

You can take care of your virtual pet in this game. Your pet dinosaur can play fetch, eat, sleep, and play with you in VR.

Free at Oculus Store
Dead Body Falls Oculus Go

Disturbing story: Dead Body Falls

This story-driven game allows you to watch the story from multiple perspectives to see all the details. It follows a disturbing event at a hotel where it appears that everyone is telling the truth, but someone is still dead. You're there to find out what happened.

Free at Oculus Store
Don't Look Away Oculus Go

Eyes up front!: Don't Look Away

In this terrifying game, you're strapped to a chair, bound, and gagged my a creepy creature. You have to solve mysteries within the room before time runs out.

Free at Oculus Store
Air Combat (WW2) Oculus Go

War combat: Air Combat (WW2)

This flying game supports multiplayer modes and training that helps you hone your aerial combat skills.

$2 at Oculus Store
Free Flighter Oculus Go

Flying free: FREE FLIGHTER

This combat flying game places you inside a dangerous nebula to battle your enemies. You have to protect your interstellar base and leaders from "the defilers."

Free at Oculus Store
Gamers Generations Oculus Go

Get it?: Gamers Generations

There are 51 hidden references to games inside this VR experience. You have to find them all to show how much you know about gaming.

Free at Oculus Store
Hidden Fortune Oculus Go

Finding treasure: Hidden Fortune

This game takes you on a VR treasure hunt to find a hidden fortune. In it, you can cast magic orbs and use wands to aid you on your quest.

Free at Oculus Store
House of Terror

Frightening puzzles: House of Terror

This game has you solve puzzles and search through dark environments full of traps and monsters. You have to find out what's gone wrong, but danger is all around you.

Free at Oculus Store
Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light Oculus Go

Immersive storytelling: Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light

This immersive story uses 360-degree illustrated pages to tell the story of the memories of those visiting a girl in the forest.

Free at Oculus Store
Darknet Oculus Go

VR hacking: Darknet

This strategy/puzzle game positions you as a hacker that uses viruses and worms to steal data on the web. Its art style is inspired by TRON, The Matrix, and other cyberpunk titles.

$10 at Oculus Store
MetaTable Poker Oculus Go

Fold'em: MetaTable Poker

This poker game allows you to rent a private table that you can invite your friends too with a PIN. You can spend your chips on dozens of objects and play in several environments.

Free at Oculus Store
They Suspect Nothing Oculus Go

Mini games: They Suspect Nothing

This collection includes 20 mini-games and five hubs and instructors. The game places you as the last human on Earth in a robot-only society.

$8 at Oculus Store
Play with Me

Trust your instincts: Play With Me

This frightening game is set in an "empty" house in which you have to trust your instincts to escape. Can you get out after waking up in a terrifying house?

Free at Oculus Store
Power Hitter

Home run!: Power Hitter

This game lets you swing for the fences using your controller. You can take on the 12 Zodiac teams and challenges to prove your skills at the plate.

$3 at Oculus Store
3C Wonderland Coaster Oculus Go

Candy coasters: 3C Wonderland Coaster

This coaster game takes you through wonderful lands filled with sweets, including chocolate rivers and candy creatures.

Free at Oculus Store
Pyramids Roller Coaster

See the pyramids: Pyramids Roller Coaster

You can see the pyramids while riding a roller coaster in this game. Take a look at the pyramids as they were in the 1920s as you barely escape from a tomb while riding the tracks.

Free at Oculus Store
Rillix VR

The real deal: Rilix VR

This coaster game focuses on delivering an immersive experience to replicate real life. It has three environments to enjoy and lets you travel to unique places.

Free at Oculus Store
Pirate Shooter

Bang bang!: Pirate Shooter

Aim and destroy your enemies in this pirate shooting game. There are levels to unlock, a global leaderboard, and treasures to collect.

Free at Oculus Store
Sea Hero Quest

Get your sea legs: Sea Hero Quest

In this game, you have to navigate using gathered data to help scientists who have dementia.

Free at Oculus Store
Sisters: A VR Ghost Story

Scary sisters: Sisters: A VR Ghost Story

This immersive ghost story has you interact with sisters from the other world. It has 360-degree visuals to scare you along the way.

Free at Oculus Store
Sky Fighter: Training Day

Training time: Sky Fighter: Training Day

This game teaches you how to use your armored sky fighter to combat enemies in the sky. This game includes three free missions and additional missions that can be purchased.

Free at Oculus Store
Space Dodge 2

Future pilot: Space Dodge2

In this game, you're a futuristic pilot on a mission. You travel through the galaxy and overcome challenges using just your piloting skills.

Free at Oculus Store
Fears Nightmare Roller Coaster

Scary coaster: Fears Nightmare Roller Coaster

This short game has two scary roller coasters that take you through scary environments. There are explosions, wired machines, and effects that enhance the frightening experience.

Free at Oculus Store
Thrill Rollercoasters

Thrill ride: Thrill Rollercoasters

You can ride five rollercoasters in this game, each designed to get your blood flowing.

$3 at Oculus Store
Toy Clash

Tower defense: Toy Clash

This tower defense game allows you to build up your defenses while planning a strategic attack against your opponents. The whole game is based around toys, so it has a cute charm to it.

$5 at Oculus Store
VR Rally

Battling and racing: VR Rally

In this racing game, you try to beat your opponents on the track with skill. If pure speed and racing skills don't work, you can beat them with weapons and traps.

$2 at Oculus Store
RollerCoaster Legends

Greek coasters: RollerCoaster Legends

In this game, you ride on rollercoasters inspired by Greek myths such as the Minotaur, Kronos, Charon, and Hades.

$3 at Oculus Store
Track Slash

Music slashing: Track Slash

This game has you swing a saber through blocks set to music. It allows you to feel the groove and interact with the rhythm of songs.

$5 at Oculus Store
Turkey Hunt

Avian domination: Turkey Hunt

In a post-apocalyptic world, you have to battle turkeys that are set on world domination. The turkeys are all in riot gear, so you'll have to give it some extra effort to defeat them.

Free at Oculus Store
Underworld Overlord

Trap setting: Underworld Overlord

In this game, you defend a dungeon with traps, spells, and monsters. You have to defend your dungeon against waves of enemies and protect the Overlord's Animus.

Free at Oculus Store
VR Basketball Oculus Go

Hoopin': VR Basketball

You can shoot some hoops in this game, competing against the clock to get as many points as possible before the buzzer goes off.

Free at Oculus Store
Wheel Rush

Single wheel: Wheel Rush

This racing game has you zip around on a single-wheeled racer on an unlimited track. You have to dodge obstacles to keep going on your monocycle.

$1 at Oculus Store

Play away!

Oculus Go and Gear VR support bring several notable titles to the Oculus Quest. The library should expand in the future as well. Tactera is a tabletop strategy game that lends itself well to only having to use one controller. In it, you command a war room and create a strategy to dominate your opponents on the battlefield.

If you prefer a fast-paced flying affair, you should check out ACE PHANTOM. It's a 360-degree flying game that puts you in the middle of intense combat in a fighter jet. If you prefer your action to be on the ground, you have some solid options. VR lends itself well to shooting games and zombie surprises, both of which are in the intense Death Horizon.

This article will continue to be updated as new games become available. New titles are generally released on the Oculus Quest on Thursdays, so make sure to check back in to see which new titles are available.

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