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Android takes the lead from BlackBerry in Q2, analyst firm reports

According to NPD, one of the largest consumer market research companies, Android phones smartphones (or superphones, as Google likes to call it), has out sold the BlackBerry in Q2's sales. Almost every one in three smartphones that are sold today, has Android installed on the device.

The top 5 Android phones sold in the second quarter were:

  1. Motorola Droid
  2. HTC Droid Incredible
  3. HTC EVO 4G
  4. HTC Hero
  5. HTC Droid Eris

It looks like Verizon's and Sprint's marketing efforts have really paid off. (Not to mention HTC, eh?) It's no surprise the Motorola Droid is at the top of that list. Especially with all those Droid commercials Verizon kept on pumping out every few weeks. We're just pretty surprised the HTC Droid Incredible made number 2 on that list. With all those supply shortages with the AMOLED screens and all.

Let's see if RIM's new marketing campaign and the launch of BlackBerry 6 will help them with sales in Q3. They need something other than BBM to help them now. Boast about your Android phone and all of its first-placeness in the comments section. [Business Wire]

  • it's only a matter of time before android is number one edit: number one in everything that is. wanted to clarify since this article already states they took the number one spot from BB.
  • And study seems to predate the Galaxy clones descending in droves on every carrier. Combine this with the iPhone's major toe stubbing FUBAR and we are living thru a tipping point event that people will look back on as the period that Android became the leader. In the end some will say it was Froyo, but in truth, it was Eclair that carried the burden, beat back all challengers and dethroned the king.
  • It's real disappointing that the 5 listed phones are all CDMA... really wish they would make some GSM Android devices... yeah, the carriers have to WANT the devices but right now there's only the Captivate... need more GSM Android devices...
  • I switched from two under-satisfied years of BlackBerry usage to the Droid X and it's literally like night and day. Everything works like it's supposed to, everyone including myself is totally awestruck by the device and its capablilities, and i can't see myself switching devices any time soon because it's just the best piece of mobile technology money can buy right now. Droid really outdid themselves with this one; goodbye bberry hello does!
  • And if you jump over to Crackberry and watch the video of the new Blackberry 9800, you will see things are not improving much. It Lags badly. Slow. Better than the past, but when people sit there and compare this to a Droid, or Galaxy phone they will switch unless they are joined at the hip to Blackberry. Too little, Too late.
  • This was inevitable, and Android will only continue to grow as the OS matures and is included in lower spec phones. A powerful, open, OS supported by the likes of Google, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Dell, Garmin, LG, NEC, Sony and Toshiba was always going to beat RIM and Apple - but only because the OS is as good or better than Blackberry OS and iOS, otherwise sales wouldn't have been this impressive in such a short space of time.
  • don't forget about all the carriers as well! that's part of it's success!
  • This doesn't really surprise me, although we should be clear that this is consumer smartphone sales; it excludes business purchases (where I presume RIM is still dominant). Still, excellent news for our little robotic OS friend.
  • I came from blackberry and its no surprise that they are losing sales to Android because Android works and flows so well. I love my aria and everything it does especially the apps and the social networking capabilities. Bb is slowly going to fade away and Android will continue to be number 1.
  • HEY! Thanks for the credit for sending you this story, and for mentioning it in the forums hours before this was posted................................
  • Um, it's just news. Anyone could have read this anywhere on any site. No credit is needed to be given...
  • True, but if (s)he brought attention to it (s)he should at least get sooome type of mention haha. But who cares
  • You would think the EVO would be the top since it is the best device and all, just kidding EVO owners. But I have loved my original droid but hopefully since overnight priority with Fedex means 3 day delivery I will have my droid x today, come on fedex USPS isnt even this bad.
  • the EVO taking the number 3 spot with it only being on sale 1 of the three months in Q2 is a big deal. My roommate is looking to buy an EVO and everyone is sold out. two months later! Q3 will better show how the new phones are doing.
  • The Dinc soldout within days and was backordered from the beginning
  • As a current blackberry owner. I am not too impressed by. BlackBerry 6.0. Not worth dropping $199.99 for a sprint bold. I could just get a new theme that damn near looks th same. I am jumping ship to the new Epic 4G when it comes out. $199.99 and I get a video cam on the front!! With a lot more. I think many bb owners wil be jumping to this phone. At least all the bb owners I talk to say they are. Were all fed up with battery pulls to fix memory leaks! Plus as a busines phone... Why didn't BlackBerry come up wit a video cam on the front for all the business people and their meetings??
  • The problem with the Evo sales is people that want it can't find it anywhere and there are those who don't want to pay extra for 4g if its not in there area yet.... I'm loving my Evo 4g.
  • So glad to finally be a Droid owner.... Came from a BB Storm 2, my Moto Droid was way better & now my X is EVEN better than that! =) Liking forward to FroYo~
  • i love my HTC incredible. it deserves to be number one. But still android ftw!!!!!!
  • Dude I will never go back to BB. Had three and never lookink back
  • I'm not saying this to be mean, but this might be the most poorly written thing I've ever seen on the site. Short, choppy sentences. A couple of horrible grammatical mistakes in the first paragraph. Love the overall voice and quality of Android Central, but ouch.
  • I'm shocked my HTC Hero even made the list wow lol
  • How many Android phones were released in the 2nd QTR vs. the other brands?
  • Lots, but too many of them arrived too late for this study.
    Wait till the next edition includes the gathering hoard of Galaxy devices being sold by every carrier.
  • I guess my point is they should sale more because, of all the phones released vs. the competion.
  • Hero making all kinds of news today, nice.
  • Way to go HTC Droid Eris!
  • Little man doesn't get enough credit. powerful device for its size and specs
  • Im surprised that the Dinc is number 2 on that list but still doesn't have froyo.. Were freaking number two in sales for god sakes verizon!!!
  • I switched from a blackberry tour to a Droid X, after using my friends and families droids that they have i had to make the switch and im never going back to that shitty UI. Android is where im staying and i wont change that. Thank you google :-)
  • These numbers are a little fake. I love the google OS don't get me wrong but Droid is a heavy piece of crap, it's not goggles fault VZ made it suck. The only phone on VZ that is wroth getting is a Droid but they make the thing almost pointless; forcing down updates, deleting contact, deleting test msgs, and fact that you need an all called "KILL ALL" is just total crap. VZ does the same to the BB tho, limiting almost everything on the damn thing to the point that a moto razar seems like a better phone. Also you can not compare BB on VZ to the droid.. VZ dumbs down the BB so bad you may as well use a pager as a means to msg people.
  • I have no idea where you're getting all this from. Since when is "forcing down updates" is a bad thing? The Droid's gotten 2.1 and now 2.2, extending its capabilities and life. I have App Killer, but I've never really found a need to use it. Only when an app gets completely fubared and stuck do I go and kill it and that's very rarely. If anything, the Droid is the least limited Android phone in Verizon's lineup. The amount of progress developers have done with the numerous custom ROMs for it is amazing to say the least. Because of them, I have been able to get both 2.1 and 2.2 weeks to months before the official roll-out and overclock my Droid to have at least the same performance of a Droid Incredible.
  • What are you prattling on about.... Get a Dinc. Its a great small and lite phone if lifting a Droid is too much for you.
  • Well I own number 1 and number 2. Both great phones. Make that great devices cause they are way more than phones. Let my change that I did own 1 and 2 but replaced 1 for the X which in essence is number 1. So I guess my first statement would be correct but then I ramble on.
  • Why is nobody pointing out that Q2 is when the precious iPhone 4 was released and all of the Sheeple were drooling over their new magical, unicorn fairy-dust wand? I know that BB is #1, but it is worth noting that Android kicks the crap out of Apple amid all of the drones flocking to get their bi-annual fix of hand-held magic communication box! Apple is officially knocked off of its mythical (#2) throne. Now let the great RIM fall to the superior Android. I don't think 6.0 is really going to help much, if any.
  • I think that "just wait and see" approach by RIM this past CES along with the BB 6 video presentation was a letdown for many storm1 & 2 owners.That's why they're behind now. I'm wondering if RIM's new devices come preloaded with Quickpull 5.0 for BB 6. Probably.
  • Anyone have the numbers on total units sold per device, or where I can find them?
  • Sprint marketed the EVO? Can someone point me to a commercial or something (perhaps on YouTube) because I haven't seen a thing.
  • The EVO(lution) 4G has had limited marketing (and the marketing it has had sucks - the commercials are terrible & every pic I see of it has that boring charcoal Home Screen featured with unsexy App icons on top; the whole marketing unit for Sprint should be fired). That said, the phone needs no marketing because it is the EVO - absolutely legendary and it currently has no Android equal and the iPhone 4 is not an option with its puny screen. Also, the EVO was on sale for less than a month of Q2. VZ will always sale more Android phones because of the extensive customer base even if they don't have the best phone available; people will settle for a Droid X or Droid2.