Now Playing List

I love the now playing feature on the Pixel 2. The fact it's just there telling me what tracks I can hear when I'm out and about is terrific. As lame as it sounds, there have been times I've been in a supermarket and wondered what that great track playing over the in-store sound system is.

But it's not a perfect feature. However, with this app, just called Now Playing List, it becomes as close to perfect as I'd want.

The clue is in the title: It lists every track that the now playing feature on the Pixel 2 has picked up. Not only this, but you'll see the exact date and time you heard that song and it'll show the location you were on a map, too. All of this information is just pulled from the phone, but you can turn off the location in the app settings if you don't want to see this.

Now Playing List

Personally, I like that it's there. If I've heard a song while I'm out somewhere, I can probably remember where I was more than the name and artist of a song if it's something I've never heard before. With Now Playing List I can just go into the list and figure it out pretty easily.

If you want to highlight any favorites, you can, and from within the app you just tap a button and you can go off and listen to it from the service of your choice. In my case, I set Spotify as default so I just tap on the songs and can go right out to the Spotify app to listen.

If your list gets a little unwieldy then you can simply delete entries on it, and there's a pretty nifty dark theme, too, that you'll probably want to enable. Ultimately, if you like the now playing feature on your Pixel 2 but wish it could do more, then the $0.99 asking price is well worth it for what you're getting here.

Download: Now Playing List ($0.99)

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL