On May 14, OnePlus finally took the wraps off of its big flagship for 2018 — the OnePlus 6.

As we were expecting from rumors and leaks leading up to the announcement, the phone features a glass body, a large 6.3-inch AMOLED display with a notch, Snapdragon 845 CPU, dual rear cameras, and much more.

The OnePlus 6 costs $529 ($30 more than the 5T) and will officially go on sale May 22.

This is OnePlus's most powerful phone yet, but it's also the most expensive. We recently asked the AC community if they plan on picking it up, and this is what they had to say.


I'm planning on getting the 8gb/256gb midnight black. I have a pixel 2 XL right now. It's a great phone but just a little bored with it. I'll use the OnePlus till the Pixel 3 comes out.


Yes but waiting for Silk White. Samsung Galaxy S9+. Disappointed with battery life. 256GB iPhone 8 Plus. No issues but I also got the Essential.


I'd love to purchase a OP device in the future; and now that the 6 finally has water resistance, I may grab a 6T or 7 or whatever the case may be when I'm ready to upgrade again!


Same here, coming from s9+, my dealbreakers on S9+ are slugish performance, lag on a daily basis and mediocre battery life. Hardware is extremely good otherwise. Reasons for switching to OP6 *speed is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better on OP6, overall performance during heavy usage, fingerprint unlock and face unlock work EXTREMELY fast, I really appreciate how fast dash charge charges even with the...


What about you? Are you going to buy the OnePlus 6?

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