Nova awesomeness

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers on the market, and it just turned six years old. Nova Launcher has a better implementation of Android Oreo's features than almost any other launcher, including Google's Pixel Launcher, and its theming prowess is unmatched. Whether you're looking for a launcher that you can set and forget or a launcher you want to tweak every day, Nova Launcher is for you, and it is on sale with its lowest price of the year.

Pixel perfect Nova

Nova Launcher is on sale for 99 cents in the United States, and in every other region of Google Play where Nova Launcher is available, the app is on sale for "the cheapest possible price". We're not quite certain what that amounts to for every country and market, but you'll probably want to give it a look.

Nova Launcher's free features are stellar, but you gain a few more perks as a Prime member, chief among them being home screen gestures. Gestures are a wonderful bit of Android magic, allowing you to hide shortcuts to your favorite apps and actions in easy-to-use gestures, such a double-tapping your home screen to put your phone to sleep. Nova Launcher Prime gets discounts every now and then, but getting Prime for less than a dollar is rare, so if you haven't taken the plunge yet, now is the time!

Nova Launcher Prime