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Nothing says forever like UnrEVOked

The wait is over -- the fellows behind Unrevoked have released their "forever" tool.  While we're not going to get into specifics (you can read those, and you had better, at the source link) what this tool does is unlock your Evo or Incredible's firmware -- forever.  As in even if you accept an OTA update, it stays unlocked.  According the the Unrevoked team, this is a permanent patch.

Be aware, there is always the potential for problems, even big ones.  Be sure to read everything and understand before you download and install this.  Having said that, I've done it and had no issues, and so have a few others.  No go have a read and see if this one is for you, and check out the screenies after the jump. [Unrevoked] Thanks Bret for the screenshots!

S-off baby!

unrevoked splash screen

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Well good morning to you guys!
  • So can you receive updates with this or you still need to unroot
  • Should I do this and wait for the update or do this and install the leak that came out a few weeks ago.
  • "Forever" is a pretty bold statement!
  • Has anyone released a root method for the evo with froyo 2.2?
  • or specifically, does anyone know if unrevoked 3.1 works with 2.2 on the Evo?
  • Does not work on Stock 2.2, & currently no other root method for 2.2
  • Ya, I was getting excited until I realized my 2.2 EVO still can't get root to install this. I'm regretting upgrading now prior to rooting.
  • I don't understand... the Unrevoked forever page lists my current baseband radio version as a supported version (and I have froyo/2.2). Doesn't this mean Froyo is supported?
  • I have HBOOT .79 on my phone and it worked just fine just in case anyone wonders.
  • Guys... before posting, read about the tool on their site... then come back and post your question.
  • This is absolutely the best advice!
  • The website says it will work on radios and that is the ota update to froyo from Sprint
  • If you were rooted on 2.1, and installed 2.2 using one of the several methods now available that preserve root, you can use this. But I don't think this will work if you did the OTA and lost root. The instructions say you need to have a custom-recovery prior to using this.
  • Any word on when the stock 2.2 will be rooted or is there a method that i'm missing?
  • doesnt seem to work connected my phone to laptop started unrevoked 3 it says pushing imagine since more then 20 minutes now and nothing happens. wish that rooting would be as easy then it is on the pre. sucks big time.
  • There is no "rooting" the Pre because it was never locked down to begin with. You just go into developer mode and you ARE root. It was/is wonderful. Yes, it sucks big time that you have to go through all these things with Android. But at least it is possible. And yes, it is waaaaaaaaaay confusing- recoveries, roms, boot loaders, images, OTA vs. download, radio versions, full root vs. semi-root, hboot, ENG, nandroid, NAND flash, warranty, PRL, S-OFF, etc, etc. I have yet to find any sources that really defines it ALL (and well) step-by-step.
  • Are you already on the 2.2 OTA? If so, unrevoked3 won't work. You'll need to wait until someone figures out how to root 2.2
  • ok i might be a little dumb here, but the steps say copy "" to a temp location, then place "" onto SD card. Where do u get the file from?
  • If you follow the instructions, you are saving " AS on the card.
  • Change the name of it and flash in CWM
  • Gonna have to look into this when I get home. Thanks for the heads up!!
  • why doesnt it work
  • great job. noob question: but what is the downside to turn the radio-s off?
  • I feel so stupid for not doing something like this before upgrading to 2.2. I hope there is a way to root the EVO soon.
  • I tried it on my evo with 2.2 and it went thru the whole process but then towards the end it says "failed to flash recovery image"
  • will this open up my phone so I can use the wifi hotspot. That's all I want is the hotspot for free. I am a noob so is it worth it?
  • Anyone try this with a Dinc yet? (I'd like to try it, but feeling very scared!! LOL)
  • I just rooted my Droid Incredible with this method and it worked great. No issues and was super fast.
  • thanks guys for the answer. thats what i am on on the official update and never had the evo rooted before that. so i just need to wait seems like it that is bs lol
  • Oh yeah baby! I has some problems with drivers on my Windows 7 machine, but unrevoked worked perfectly!! OK, so here's the big question... Do I attempt to install Froyo? Or wait 5 days for the rumored official OTA on Aug 18th?
  • Hmmmm i love it works perfect