Note 7: Return rate passes 81% in Australia, as Chinese TV criticizes Samsung

As we approach a full month since the Galaxy Note 7's battery issues first came to light, there are signs of the recall program approaching its conclusion in some countries. Samsung Australia has issued a statement saying 81% of old Note 7s sold in the country. The news comes just over a week since the official Note 7 recall kicked off in the country.

There's no word on when new sales of the Note 7 will begin in Australia, but Europe is looking at an October 28 restart date, following the full completion of the recall program.

Samsung 'full of arrogance,' says Chinese state TV.

Meanwhile Samsung has found itself in hot water in China, as state TV broadcaster CCTV has criticized its handling of the Note 7 recall. Reuters reports that the broadcaster called Samsung's behavior "full of arrogance," contrasting the way it issued a video apology in the U.S., but just a short statement in China. "Samsung's discriminatory policy has caused discontent from Chinese consumers," CCTV is quoted as saying.

Despite its insistence that Note 7s sold in China used a different battery supplier, and are thus safe, Samsung has faced isolated reports of overheating in new Note 7s sold in the country. Where it's been able to inspect the phones involved, Samsung has attributed the damage to external sources of heat, as opposed to the battery itself overheating.

The recall — and subsequent negative press — comes at an inopportune time for Samsung in China, where it's struggling to keep pace with local brands like Huawei and Xiaomi. Both Chinese rivals are set to launch their own big-screened competitors to the Note 7 in early November.

Sales of the new Note 7 are set to begin in Korea on October 1, as Samsung expects to pass the 80% mark for the recall in its home market.

Alex Dobie
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  • China can be weird sometimes.
  • Only sometimes???? :) Anyways this is just state sponsored bias & propaganda.
  • I hate to be so blunt, but is anyone surprised that China is using the opportunity to bang the "It's not made in China, you should view it as horrible," drum? They are communists after's kinda par for the course. In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if the state sponsored the guy from China "who knew Samsung wasn't going to do the right thing and wouldn't hand over the device, he kept it to publicize it." That wreaks of "Evil Huawei instead..."
  • that's pretty much a strawman argument. you are making lots of assumptions here, lots. in fact, they were unhappy because the made in china batteries did not have problems but they do not trust it anyway.
    they aren't even communists anymore, just authoritarian.
  • What does communism have to do with that? There are plenty of Americans who feel that way about Chinese goods and prefer to buy products with "proudly made in the USA." stamped on them, are those people communists?
  • The irony is that the good battery in the Note 7 is the one made in TDK's Chinese factory and I'm guessing this is the battery going in all the new Note 7s.
  • I can kinda see why people are taking their time on returns. New Zealand retailers aren't expecting new stock till mid *November*
  • If you charge your phone overnight, could you sleep comfortably knowing that there is a real possibility that your phone could catch on fire?
    I think if I owned one I'd return it and use one of my old phone until my replacement came back or go with a different manufacturer.
  • I have never charge a phone overnight to avoid overcharging it.
  • Which doesn't matter, because charging your phone overnight has nothing to do with this.
  • I charge it daily, yes. But I use a Battery Monitor App that reduces the charge-rate to a trickle, once the meter reaches 90 percent Full.
  • In the UK I was given a rather spiffing green S6 Edge to keep me tied over til my Note 7 turned up. Is a similar service not being offered in NZ?
  • Feel that mine has been performing better than my original one so far. Been using it for quite a while and it's at 78%.
  • Yep I've noticed the same with regards to the battery and the iris scanner seems crazy fast to .
  • Looks like the Chinese are pulling out all the stops to try and give there companies a boost. We must remember it's still a communist country
  • a mistake is a mistake. samsung made a mistake and should be called out for it.
    people all round the world, including the chinese themselves, call out on chinese products when they are defective too. unless you mean that the US is also "pulling out all the stops to try and give there companies a boost" when pointing out defects in chinese products. ridiculous logic.
  • When Chinese find a malpractice in their own corporate world - knowingly selling a product which poses a threat, the executives get criminally charged and hanged in public. They r not fcukyng around.
    Considering that there are reports showing Samsung's knowledge of these faulty batteries before hand (b4 shipped) they should feel lucky that they are Korean Company, so they can take public shame in peace and comfort of their homes. Chinese r brutal when it comes to "honor", even though they allow atrocious treatment of the labor and people in general.
    PRC is not communist at all, it's the Predatory Capitalist's paradise - Maximizing profits regardless of social or environmental costs with unchallenged power to execute. Of course, they like to play on morale card here and there - when convenient.
  • oh they are doing much better than victorian era capitalism or even during the jim crow era, considering they only started capitalism 37 years ago
  • Samsung as far as I've read have done plenty of news adds and print to assure the Chinese that they've recalled the first batch of phones amd that the new batch are good to go . Not sure what else they could do . I have my the same replacement as theres and I'm fully satisfied with it being save. And don't even get me started in defective product hell China invented the knockoff
  • No, apart from a few phones, theirs had a different battery that Samsung has said does not need replacing. It is these phones that the Chinese are complaining about. I still think it could be the fast charger with USB C that is the problem causing the phones to overheat.
  • Well I've used fast charger with both my first note and my replacement and mine doesn't even get warm . And I've had all the glass galaxy they would tend to get a lil warm but not this note 7 .All the replacement are supposed to be from the same Chinese factory which are the same phones that the Chinese have been getting according to Samsung. I still say the Chinese government is still pandering to the crowd
  • Levono Moto build the best phone 2016 and Samsung the worst. never expected that..
  • So says you the n7 has had battery issue that are well documented . But that in itself doesn't change the fact that it's still considered the best Android phone of 2016 one mistake does not divide a company as a whole for prove the note 7 has a 90% retention rate people still want this phone Lenovo has a nice phone that not many wants are desires last time I heard they were laying off half the staff
  • *LeMoto
  • First there were exploding Samsung phones, and now there are exploding Samsung washing machines! The madness!
  • And they'll still sell more washers and TV and phones then anyone else this year ....see how that works .now that's the facts and not propaganda
  • You bang that drum for Samsung fella!
  • Just the facts fella ,
  • I'm a Samsung fan myself but yes he goes over the top to defend every negative comment towards Samsung. I don't care what anyone's opinion of Samsung is as long as I like their products that's all that matters.
  • I concur.
  • I believe his comment was on exploding Samsung phones and washing machines. What does sellng more washers, tv and phones have to do with exploding devices?
  • And my point is what does washers have to do with this topic ... nothing stay on topic . But if you go there then expect to fact checked
  • Sweet... maybe they'll create a bundle around Christmas time.
  • I'm not sure how media (non tech sites) have been relying this info but I've heard people in person trying to return there S7 edges etc because they are now scared of there phone. Somehow some people are now just associating through brand Samsung with explode. Sucks
  • They have a point.. Samsung is so fragmented and each Samsung operation has no proper coordination with the maIn office in Korea.
  • The Chinese complaining about Samsung quality is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. How much Chinese junk have you seen over the past few years.
  • Hypocrisy at its finest.
    Though, if Samsung indeed knew about this problem before the first shipment, public shaming should not stop at all, especially in US media. Then, we will see some "slap on the wrist" by some authorities, since no one ever prosecuted executives for much heinous crimes, where died , so one's stock jumps for a few days, etc.
  • I know right I said the same thing. . Here's the thing China had gotten the note from there own factory from the beginning which is where all the replacements come from . Which since last week a million have been delivered and used not one issue so far . My questions to China WHAT'S the the problem .
  • Guys, before you assume it's a conspiracy planned by the "state owned channel", you should definitely do more research. There are 7 note7 exploded already, the latest one happened in a shopping mall in front of 10s of people including a cctv footage online you could check out. Yes 7 is significant less than 32 or 91 happened elsewhere, but you should definitely consider that the Note7 was sold much less in China and was available much later.
  • I'll take everything coming out of China at this point with a grain of salt until any of those phones can be authenticated to even be real are just knockoff . Theres already video of knockoff note 7 in China for sale . What I do no for a fact is that 500k replacement note 7 here in the states and so far not one new incidents I'm on a wait and see as far as China is concerned