Note 7: Return rate passes 81% in Australia, as Chinese TV criticizes Samsung

As we approach a full month since the Galaxy Note 7's battery issues first came to light, there are signs of the recall program approaching its conclusion in some countries. Samsung Australia has issued a statement saying 81% of old Note 7s sold in the country. The news comes just over a week since the official Note 7 recall kicked off in the country.

There's no word on when new sales of the Note 7 will begin in Australia, but Europe is looking at an October 28 restart date, following the full completion of the recall program.

Samsung 'full of arrogance,' says Chinese state TV.

Meanwhile Samsung has found itself in hot water in China, as state TV broadcaster CCTV has criticized its handling of the Note 7 recall. Reuters reports that the broadcaster called Samsung's behavior "full of arrogance," contrasting the way it issued a video apology in the U.S., but just a short statement in China. "Samsung's discriminatory policy has caused discontent from Chinese consumers," CCTV is quoted as saying.

Despite its insistence that Note 7s sold in China used a different battery supplier, and are thus safe, Samsung has faced isolated reports of overheating in new Note 7s sold in the country. Where it's been able to inspect the phones involved, Samsung has attributed the damage to external sources of heat, as opposed to the battery itself overheating.

The recall — and subsequent negative press — comes at an inopportune time for Samsung in China, where it's struggling to keep pace with local brands like Huawei and Xiaomi. Both Chinese rivals are set to launch their own big-screened competitors to the Note 7 in early November.

Sales of the new Note 7 are set to begin in Korea on October 1, as Samsung expects to pass the 80% mark for the recall in its home market.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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