Manage your passwords with NordPass, up to 70% off sale ending soon

Nordpass Password Manager Hero
Nordpass Password Manager Hero (Image credit: Nordpass)

By now, everyone should be aware that the best way to keep your online accounts secure is by choosing a password that's not easy to guess which you haven't already used on another site. Of course, with so many accounts to keep track of, remembering all of those different passwords all on your own can be tough work. Luckily, the password manager NordPass makes it easy to stay secure while diversifying your passwords across the internet.

NordPass remembers your passwords for you and can suggest stronger passwords to help make your account much tougher for hackers to access. Now, thanks to its End of Winter sale, you can sign up today and save up to 70% off password management subscriptions at NordPass through February 25.

NordPass remembers all your passwords for you so your accounts can stay secure, and today you can save up to 70% off when you sign up before February 25.

During its End of Winter sale, Nordpass is discounting its one-year and two-year plans; though the monthly option isn't on sale, it is affordably priced at $4.99 per month. This month's sale brings the one-year plan down to just $23.88, which is like paying just $1.99 monthly, while the two-year plan is now on sale for $35.76. That's like paying only $1.49 monthly and a far cry from its regular cost of $120; however, these plans must be paid in full to snag the discount.

NordPass lets you save passwords without leaving your browser window and access your saved passwords anywhere at any time, whether you're using your desktop, a mobile device, and even when you're offline. The best part about NordPass is how easy it makes it to login to sites once you have a password saved. When you visit your favorite websites, it simply fills in your login information automatically. That means you can have really strong passwords with random letter and number combinations without having to remember them yourself. You can also use NordPass to save and secure your credit card information, addresses, and other personal information that you may want quick, but secure, access to view.

NordPass was designed by cybersecurity experts and your personal information is secured so that only you can see it; even NordPass employees will have no access to your data. Plus, NordPass has a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide to end your subscription early. Not sold on NordPass yet? This guide to the best password managers has a handful of other options worth considering.

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