Nokia X looking increasingly likely for Mobile World Congress

Nokia slipping out its own teasers for alleged Android device

Mobile World Congress

Nokia X; at this point we'll be more surprised if we don't see it at Mobile World Congress on Monday. The device more commonly known as Normandy, alleged to run some construction of Android and tagged as a potential Asha replacement is now even being teased by Nokia itself. That's a giant, green X.

Posted on Nokia's Conversations blog is a reminder of its forthcoming press conference – that we'll be at, naturally – in Barcelona. There's plenty of green about, and four black crosses meeting at the same point. X marks the spot. Of course, for a few more days the rumor and speculation will continue, but soon enough we'll have everything we need to know. 08:30 local time it all goes down on Monday, February 24. Join us.

Source: Nokia

Richard Devine