PlayStation's Valentine's Day ad featuring an actual beating heart but no PS5 in sight

PlayStation Valentines Day Ad
PlayStation Valentines Day Ad (Image credit: PlayStation)

What you need to know

  • PlayStation has a new ad for Valentine's Day.
  • It's incredibly weird.
  • There's nothing related to the PlayStation 5.

For some, Valentine's Day is a day of love, spending time with your significant other in meaningful ways and having fun. For others, it's a cynical reminder that there's always going to be a reason to keep holiday merchandise of one kind of another in stores. For PlayStation, it's a time to subject fans to abject horror straight out of Overlord. If you don't believe me, take a look at PlayStation's new Valentine's Day ad below.

Remember the old weird baby ads for the PlayStation 3? It's possible that Sony is going back to those kinds of strange, eye-catching ads. If this indicates a big marketing shift ahead of the PlayStation 5 then fair play. Considering that the next-generation console is still set to release in Holiday 2020, this ad is probably one of the last big pushes the PlayStation 4 Pro will get, considering sooner or later all focus has to be on the PS5.

Still, who knows. Many people assumed we'd be getting a February press event for the PS5, just like we did for the PlayStation 4. That's clearly not happening and while we've gotten some details through interviews with WIRED, as well as a look at the logo at CES and more recently the official website, there's still many unanswered questions.

Samuel Tolbert

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