Nintendo has been teasing the release of Super Mario Run on Android since it put the app up in the Play Store for "pre-registration" back in December, but now we know that the game will fully release in March. Depending on when in the month it finally hits Android devices the total time as an iOS exclusive will only be about three months, which is honestly a bit shorter than many would have expected considering the gravity of such a huge title.

Super Mario Run

Announcing that the game will release on Android well over a month in advance is quite interesting, but we'll take any sort of time frame for what is sure to be just as big a game on Android as it has been over on the Apple side of the mobile world. We don't know what the in-app purchases will look like, but you can guess it'd line up very similarly to the iOS version — a "free" version to start with only a few levels enabled, followed by a roughly $10 purchase to unlock the full game and extra small purchases for some glamour upgrades.

Does knowing that it's coming make it any easier for you to wait for the proper launch? It's still tough to deal with for me — I want some Mario on my phone, and I want it right now. March can't come soon enough.