Nikon releasing wireless DSLR dongle, allowing control of your camera from your Android device

Heading to market in late May, camera manufacturer Nikon are launching a wireless dongle that will enable control of your DSLR from your Android device. Quick wireless transfer of your photos is also on the menu, bringing a whole new world of quick photo sharing with it. Imagine, sharing high res, professionally shot photographs through Instagram, Facebook or Google+ without the pain of transferring between devices. 

The dongle will also open up your Android device as a live display and remote shutter for your camera. This sounds like a pretty useful feature, and seeing a company like Nikon embrace mobile technology is refreshing. Initially the dongle will only be compatible with the Nikon D3200, and will cost $60. 

Source: Nikon; via Droid-Life

  • it would be nice, if the dongle was not a dongle and was built in
  • 1> instagram and High Res are mutually exclusive of each other.
    2> I'd love to see this for my d5100.
    3> Built in remote, with the ability to use the phone as a monitor and a remote shutter (As stated in the story) are dream functions.
    4> Did I mention I'd love to see this for my d5100? :)If so, well... Take my money, Nikon!
  • Exactly, Robbzilla! My d5100 is waiting, Nikon. Please take my money.
    Geez, I would love to use my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (hell, or
    my OG EVO) as a monitor and remote shutter. That would
    be crazy! I would almost feel like a real photographer! :) EDIT: Just saw this video of the dongle (WU-1a) in action...
  • From what I know, I do not think it allows for full control of the camera functions, but rather, just the ability to trip the shutter. I would be happy to be proven wrong. I would assume this functionality will be added to all their cameras (or at least all their consumer-level cameras) going forward. -Suntan
  • Silly me for plugging in the microSD that is in an adapter in my D300s into my phone... a free dongle.
  • That just gives you the ability to transfer pictures. The dongle gives you the ability to remotely control the camera.
  • Please make one for my D90. Would love it.
  • That sounds just too neat. I wish Sony had this for their Alphas!
  • Now that one manufacturer has it, I'm sure others will follow. This is too cool a feature to remain exclusively on Nikon.
  • Completely agree. Would love this on my A77, even if just for a remote shutter.
  • If digital cameras had BT 3.0, or Wifi Direct this should be great across all cameras and all smartphones!
  • Are you listening Canon?
  • I certainly hope so. This sounds like a cool feature, but not cool enough to make me switch to Nikon.
  • Ooooo Android controlled remote shutter. Looking forward to it.
  • Make it for the D5100 and you can have my cash now.
  • It's D3200..!! :(