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Galaxy Nexus finally comes out of hiding

Well, what do we have here? This very well may be the first full on image and video of the device known as the Nexus Prime aka Galaxy Nexus. To go along with the spectacular image above, there was a video as well but it appears to of have been quickly taken down. However,  when it comes to specs -- we'll wait for everything to be fully revealed, since we've read enough rumors already. Instead, let's just enjoy the image above while we see if we can dig up the video from elsewhere.

*UPDATE* Video past the break.. Enjoy!

Source:, Thanks, everyone!

  • I'd really like to see that video. And it's looking like that picture wasn't faked after all... Though the lip here looks a bit smaller than in the other picture.
  • I'm guessing the big bezel at the bottom is an area for carrier branding. Also I hope you can hide the area where the phone soft key is.
  • There is a notification light right in the middle under where the navigation buttons are, It's not space left for carrier branding, IT'S A NEXUS DEVICE.
  • There's still plenty of room for carrier branding up at the top like usual. It seems silly to pull the buttons off the bottom bezel if you're just going to leave it there wasting space. However one advantage to it is that the higher up those buttons are, the easier they are to press. You don't have to crank your thumb down so far in an awkward way. Still though, seems like less of a recapturing of space and more of a loss of space.
  • The bezel on the top and bottom are the "safe zones" for your thumbs. Pick up your phone right now and hold it in portrait mode. Your thumbs will probably be off to the sides of the screen. Now turn it to landscape mode. Your thumbs will probably be covering up the top and bottom (left and right in landscape) of your phone. The bezel is there so your thumbs aren't covering up any of the screen our causing you to unintentionally press anything on your screen. This is the same reason that tablets have a bezel all the way around the device, as even in portrait mode, your thumbs will be hovering over the edges of the device.
  • That's another thing I dislike about android phones, the stupid carrier advertisements that you have to look at. How come Apple keeps them off their iphones? I like the clean look, without logos.
  • OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG. that's all.
  • Does dude know his face is CLEARLY in this picture?? Somebody is about to get in trouble!
  • Is it PentileMatrix? That would ruin it for me.
  • Dude, it's Samsung...
  • then you shouldnt get it.
    its samoled HD... i dont think anyone really cares if its pentile or penile or whatever the hell.
  • Well, you probably don't care cause you don't know what it means. It makes no sense for samsung to bring out hd screen with pentile, cause the colors will suck and the image won't be crisp at all. Pentile sucks. Period.
  • You realize that the Galaxy phones were Pentile, right? Those were gorgeous screens.
  • Thank you! And on top of that it's like 316ppi with that screen. IT'S NOT GOING TO MATTER! QUIT FINDING SOMETHING TO BITCH ABOUT PEOPLE!
  • Actually only the first galaxy had pentile. GS II has no pentilematrix and it is more crisp.
  • Actually all variations of the AMOLED are Pentile, it's just a different subpixel arrangment than the one's Moto had been using and getting the stupid bad press about.
  • No. Super Amoled Plus has no Pentile Matrix but a real RGB Matrix, which probably the Super Amoled HD hasn't. Probably not the case for most of the people here, but I use my phone mostly for reading and I find the IPS LCD by far superior to Super Amoled with respect to readability.
  • and who are you again? why don't you go stand in line at the apple store for a half baked gimmick device. I'm sure that wouldn't ruin it for you. stop bitching.
  • I really don't like the HUGE lip at the bottom of the phone.. Also that screen doesn't look like a 4.65" unless his hands are just gigantic.
  • Maybe it's possible that the buttons on the bottom are actually part of the screen just like in Honeycomb?
  • That's exactly what it is. That's already been confirmed.
  • If the specs on THAT ^ site are true, I am going to skip this phone.. I
  • what do you find wrong with the specs?
  • If they showed the side of the phone etc we'd be able to compare with the Samsung tease. If it is real. I can't wait to change the ICS colors and icons. I think they look a little dated.
  • Oh my God Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I am following this baby wherever it goes hopefully T-Mobile or Verizon.
  • Cannot believe how much screen real estate is wasted with the search bar at the top, the static app bar on the bottom and the on screen home/back keys. It also seemed to be quite unresponsive and laggy...reminds me a lot of honeycomb. Not completely sure I'm happy with the direction Android is going.
  • Didn't look laggy or unresponsive to me. Looked liked the opposite of that.
  • Then you must've missed the multiple taps and swipes where nothing happened. Lag, dude. it's real.
  • It looked to me like he just missed where he was aiming and that's why it didn't respond. He was being super careful with it, moving really slowly, so I think he was just having trouble because he was looking through the camera.
  • Because he was at the edge of the screen and couldn't scroll any further...
  • I kind of agree with you on the screen real estate usage. However, I will have to wait and see personally how bad it is... or how good it is. I think ICS looks beautiful, however. Ever since I saw this video, my 2.3 phone feels.... old.
  • That looks like GPU-acceleration to me. If that's ICS' doing and not Samsung's this time around, I'll be a very happy bunny.
  • Hell yes. That's really the only feature of ICS that I really care about. I hope it happens.
  • @Reimei Search bar would be removable, duh.
  • I doubt it, it's not removable on Honeycomb.
  • I like it. And if the home key area is part of the screen, that explains why such a large display
  • ICS Screenshots
  • Looks awesome.
  • No Way that's 4.65", I don't care how best for his hands are.
  • If you imagine the last part of his thumb is over an inch long, and then look at the screen again, it does look 4.65inch.
  • Keep in mind that the navigation buttons at the bottom are now part of the screen. It may not be that wide, but it is taller.
  • I havent ever used the search button on any of my phones so that doesnt bother me at all.This phone forsure has me interested in it ,first phone I have considered for over a year so yess Im picky haha
  • agreed. the less buttons the better.
  • Yeah, if they're gonna embed a google search bar on the homescreen, they better have taken out the search nav button. Would've been redundant for sure.
  • Power button is on the top yes/no? It didn't seem laggy to me looks like a case of one-handed camcording and phone in the other.
  • hmm if the power button is at the top, then this is fake, the pic from Samsung had the power button on the right hand side, which I think is normal for them right? Definitely looked like he was using a button on the top...
  • Looked like he hit the power button with his left index finger to me (on the right side of the phone.
  • +1
  • Just a few days till we know for sure.
  • 1. are those buttons at the bottom virtual? it'd be nice to be able to click a little dot on the bottom of the screen and make that button bar appear and reappear as needed/desired. like the old Palm "virtual graffiti" area.
    2. WTF that touch display doesn't look that responsive and crisp and tight! how many times does he miss swipes?????
    3. LED light?
    4. Sprint?
  • Finally a video!
    I'm wondering if the large bezel at the bottom is where the 4G LTE radio resides.
    The Bionic has somewhat of an extra lip at the bottom also.
  • The Nexus S has a lip as well and no LTE.
  • That may be ICS, but that phone is a Nexus S. That is why the bezel looks so big on the bottom.
  • if that's a Nexus S - where are the hard buttons?
  • The "hard buttons" are just backlit capacitive buttons... if there is no backlight, you can not see them at all.
  • no shit. but you are saying it's a Nexus S. you are now talking about the Nexus Prime. hence my original question.
  • no... I am talking about the Nexus S. have you ever held one? If the "hard buttons" are not backlit, you can not see them. Most likely ICS has an option to turn off the hard button backlight and use soft buttons.... or this is either an early build or its fake... but that is a Nexus S.
  • oh ok i hear what you're saying. yeah i held a Nexus S briefly but never noticed this feature.
  • Ignoring the fact that this seems to have a silver bezel just like the teaser image and the Nexus S doesn't; so assuming the screenshots are legit, the baseband version says I9250 not I9020 like the Nexus S should be, the board name "yakju" not "soju", the device name is "tuna" not "herring", and the build number is IFK89B == Sep 27, so it's not an "early build" either. Now, you *could* fake all these with build.prop -- except the baseband version, I believe, so this is more than likely the real deal.
  • Its not a nexus s because the proximity and ambient light sensors are on the right, but they are on the left on the nexus s.
  • yep... you got me on that... I guess I was just holding on to the belief it was a Nexus S because it looks too small to be a 4.65" screen and I REALLY want it to be.
  • It appears those home buttons are the screen (which means it is larger than it looks). Go full screen and watch carefully around 1:13. You'll see flicker when he turns the phone off and the difference in color compared to the rest of the phone case (especially when the phone reflects in the light).
  • I agree it looks like a Nexus S with a silver bezel and the front facing camera a little farther off to the right. When I hold my Nexus S up to the picture it's identical with the exception of the bezel and the camera. Every curve, every proportion, makes me believe it's some variant of a Nexus S. EDIT: With the backlit off you can't see the hard capacitive buttons on a Nexus S and even the earphone grille appears exactly the same.
  • its a damn nexus S!! even though!! i wan that bloody rom!!!
  • Shawing
  • It can't be a Nexus S. The buttons are gone. Look at the nexus s on the right of the page. And yes I want that bloody rom as well.
  • it matches up with these - the infamous older "fur shot" (albeit photoshopped at the bottom?) - the recent one -
  • It resembles it, but the space below the soft buttons is much smaller on the shot showing us the resolution than in the video.
  • There is no way this is the release day nexus prime. The phone's design is to bulky and unproportional for a Samsung phone. I would say this is one of the original prototype phones from when google put up its next nexus phone up for bit to the manufacturers. More than likley, it someone threw on a recent build of ICS or this is not the prime at all. Notice how he never showed us the side of the phone?
  • ok per the headline - since when is this called the Galaxy Nexus and not the Nexus Prime?
  • No one knows what it will be called, Prime is probably a code name. Samsung is famous for its Galaxy Line so Galaxy Nexus would be fitting, it brings together two of the most popular lines of Android products
  • Nexus Prime was a name created by the android community...not google therefore the name could be anything
  • my question is - get this or wait to see what HTC puts out for ICS. EVO HD? i love HTC build quality/support/design/etc. and Sense but wonder if i really need Sense. maybe "Pure Google" is a much better thing. i wonder if i will miss any features of/Apps from HTC/Sense? opinions?
  • I guess it depends on what you like about Sense. I like Sense alot. Mainly for the widgets, and what mean by that is how they look and operate. I also like the little things. Such as setting my EVO 3D facedown and it doesn't ring. That and when it rings and you pick it up it lowers the volume. That's all a personal preference though. Vanilla is awesome too, but after having Sense I find myself a little biased.
  • This looks epic to me, enough said
  • Is it just me , or From the pic, it looks like the chasis is a metal band? If so thats a plus. I cant tell, but the sides of phone look metal
  • Too bad Google and Samsung wont be announcing the phone on Oct. 11.
  • "Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced."
  • Did anyone notice: it IS curved?
  • I'm holding the "tank" aka the thunderbolt in my hand and got the tips of my fingers showing just like his and it looks about the width and length of my Tbolt. Hopefully it ain't the same weight. :P
  • Is it just me or did it seem like this guy really didn't know what he was doing
  • If it wasn't a nexus people would be calling it ugly.
  • Well the launch aint happening on the 11th. Bummer. Welp guess ill just keep rubbing one out till then. Cocaine is a helluva drug....
  • Camera launch at the end seemed super quick. Impressive.
  • Release the Damn Code!!!
  • That looks a whole lot like a Nexus S.
  • Bit of lag in screen response during several attempts at swiping and tapping. Hope that was just the beta. Nice looking interface tweaks.
  • That's what I saw. There was lag on almost every movement he had. I'm a current iPhone user, is that typical of android phones?
  • In the past..yes.
    As of the newest phones this year (remember Android is only a couple years old), like the Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S2, and others, there should be no lag. Android doesn't need a dual core, but manufacturer's are allowed to add extra UI tweaks..then carriers add bloatware..etc.....unlike the Apple phones which are always the bloat and none allowed.
    My SG2 is screaming fast. I've loaded it up with a ton of stuff and it still jumps at every touch.
  • I'm wondering how you return to the homescreen from the camera. There seems to be no virtual "home" button there.
  • Um...totally not impressed. - My SGII looks like greased lightning compared to that. This OS4 should be streamlined and UBER fast...not sluggish...there is no extra UI's running..sigh. - The widgets screens look like garbage. It should have been a listing that when you touch expands out to show all the widgets associated (or something like that). What a multi-screen mess...whew. - Five buttons on the bottom...good...but better if we could control to make more/less. I doubt there is a feature to do that, other than maybe swap out some icons. - Some of the settings screens I've seen also look like the iPhone ones...where you slide it from off to on....god I hope not...more than a touch is too much. Still hoping, but very thankful I live in Canada. At least I got my SG2 4G (21mps) for $25 bucks a couple of months ago.
  • front facing camera's position is DIFFERENT from Nexus S'.....
  • wait, this phone looks exatly like my droid charge, minust the buttons at the bottom
  • no its not, the camera is exactly where it is on the nexus. this is a nexus with the backlighting turned off on the buttons. noticed how he turned the screen on and off from the top, even though the power button is on the side for the prime
  • I have been waiting on the nex Nexus while I hold onto my Nexus One, but I do NOT want a contract with Verizon or AT&T or AT&T&T.
  • This has to be to a early build of ICS. I agree with many others, its way laggy. I never tap anything on my Nexus S twice. I see that guy having to reposition his hand just to do basic functions, not fun. That phone at that proposed screen size is nice for viewing but other than that it slows regular everyday functionality down unless you are a basketball player and have giant hands. I went from a Evo to a Nexus S and for me the smaller screen in the Nexus is perfect. As for the video, I'm not impressed by whatever phone that is and that build of ICS is slow and laggy. Let's all hope these aren't finished build of either.
  • so its the GSM version? it says No sim card, i think the i9250 is for t-mobile, and att while the toher is ofr verizon and sprint
  • Yep, its 4.65 inches alright. I also notice that it has a skimmed form factor than the Sprint/T-Mobile GS2. So it must have a 16:9 aspect ratio like my EVO 3D.
  • First that is obviously not a Nexus S because there are no capacitive buttons. Second if i don't think this will be exclusive to verizon because it says no SIM Card. I can't tell if it's truly a 4.65' screen but i want this phone where ever it ends up.
  • My take on this video is, only my opinion, and..... I see in the picture the guy's refection with him holding a phone,I assume for pictures and video. My assumption is he is right handed, so using his left hand to operate the Nexus would create some difficulties. hence the not so fluid button pressing. I do see some sort of shadow (of power button)and movement and indentation of his index finger while taping the power button on the right side, at end of video. Plus I think he moves the device, as to not show his reflection when screen goes off, it makes that sequence look fishy. Another observation is when hitting the bottom buttons back and home, I see a bluish tint surround the button, I'm guessing it's feedback to know you hit the button. This would give credence to the fact that these buttons are part on the screen. My opinion is, this is some version of the Next Nexus device running ICS. I would hope and believe that, this is not the final versions of both device and software. Plus I think that the Consumer version would still have to be optimized hardware and software wise. Besides wasn't the guy running CM ROM's hired by Samsung recently? (forget his name) *Warning Rumor* Maybe he will be consulting, for customizing the final release, software wise on ICS. Another crazy thought, do you think Sammy and Googs had some kind of jab at iPhone within their demo/intro of ICS/Prime. That would be a good reason to wait/rethink approach to "Unpacked event" as stated with respect to Steve Jobs. -just a side note/rumor/jab
  • Very awesome and sexy!!! Me Likes so far:)
  • OMG! It's not just verizon! It said no sim card on the lock screen :D
  • OMG! It's not just verizon! It said no sim card on the lock screen :D
  • OMG! It's not just verizon! It said no sim card on the lock screen :D
  • OMG! It's not just verizon! It said no sim card on the lock screen :D
  • OMG! It's not just verizon! It said no sim card on the lock screen :D
  • OMG! It's not just verizon! It said no sim card on the lock screen :D
  • I really hope its not limited to Verizon customers. I guess we'll find out when the ads start posting the name. Hopefully it does not say DROID Prime instead of Nexus Prime. Then it would be Verizon only if it does. fingers crossed.
  • hmmm.. fake.. G+ messenger is called chords in ICS
  • bc there isnt any other possible explanation, right tool?
  • Wish Phil could get a hold of these and do a decent showing, these people who send in vids to show a "leaked" phone haven't watched how people actually review a phone...
  • Wait a minute... this is a nexus S
  • For those who are complaining about lag and unresponsive touches, it's not that. He keeps trying to swipe when he's already reached the last home screen. He also keeps hitting the home button when he's already at the main home screen. User error. Throughout the rest of the video he's going very slow to give viewers an opportunity to clearly see the screens, so they don't claim it's a fake. And when he places a widget on a screen it's supposed to pause for a second before switching between screens to drop the widget. It's kind of like a long press.