Nexus One USB host built and running a little bit of everything

Here's a guy with tech skills cranked up to 11.  Sven Killig has built USB host drivers for the Nexus One and shows them off in a big way.  USB keyboards, webcams, flash drives, even output to the big screen on his desk.  Speaking of the desk, you know something good has to come from anyone with that many cables and gigawatts laying around. 

He's has released a pre-built kernel for Android 2.2 (tested, should work on 2.1 as well according to Sven), and has full instructions (including the needed hardware) for the D-I-Y types.  Check out Sven's site here for the rundown, and hit the break for an incredibly cool video. [via Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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