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Nexus One update, Hero Dust, General ROM FAQ, Moto Droid freeze

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  • Dust is definitely under my Sprint Hero screen and getting worse. It didn't start gathering until just after I had the phone for 30 days...
  • My Droid does fezz some time. It bull shit we need 2.1 soon....
  • Yes my Droid has frozen a lot and I haven't even had it 30 days...and the only way to fix it is to take out the battery...sigh
  • no dust in hero after about 3 months, but i must say, i'm tossing the phone/service. i love android, but the frequency of the freezing of the UI and the general SLOWNESS to do anything has basically lost me. any tips to make this phone useable. i'm sorry, i can't wait 3-10 seconds for the phone to wakeup/respond.
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  • I have yet to pull the battery on my Droid. I'm sure most of these freeze up are caused by crappy apps.
  • EU Hero after 5 months has not a speck of dust under the screen. My last 4 phones, all being Nokia's all had dust under the screen by the time I'd been using them for 2 years, so in another 18 months we'll see how the Hero goes.