Nexus One Gets A Teardown, Looks Good Inside Too

You know the drill: highly anticipated device gets released, highly anticipated device gets a teardown. It happens to everyone. The Nexus One just received the teardown honor and the guys at iFixit found it rather easy to do, which is definitely surprising for such a thin phone. According to them:

"Once we took the fancy wrapper off the phone, the Nexus One revealed itself to be very similar to other smartphones, albeit with stronger hardware. It's thoughtful internal design did impress us, as did its ease of disassembly."

The Nexus One revealed a Samsung OLED display, Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, and 802.11n Wi-Fi chip. That pretty much translates to power after power after power. We don't actually recommend you to teardown your own Nexus One but it's good to know that it was thoughtfully constructed, right? Right??


Casey Chan
  • Now for VZW to get this phone.
  • Can't believe the tiny amount of hardware the Nexus One has.. Amazing that they can shove all that hardware into such a tiny device.
  • I'd like to thank HTC for creating another outstanding smartphone! Today we all expect miracles from our one takes the time to fully appreciate all the hard work and sweat it takes to design, prototype, and create such incredible and powerful(!) computers. Well, I did and let me tell you one thing friends...we are lucky to live in the times we do. In the palm of our grubby hands we can have a full blown computer, a telephone, a GPS navigation device, a life saving device (E911 + GPS coordinates), internet access, a clock, a music storage/player, personal organizer, portable data storage, a library, you name it. All in one piece of tiny hardware! I know no one cares to think about it this way today, but I thought I'd share this thought with you guys. So thank you again HTC!, thank you phone companies, thank you fellow smartphone users for demanding more and more (it does drive the market forward!) =) Happy 2010....and hooray for an even brighter future of the smartphones =)