Nexu One Car Dock

Update: And it's now available for $55 plus shipping at [via official Nexus One blog]

Original: One piece of the Nexus One puzzle that's been missing for a bit has been the car dock, which we saw teased in the making-of videos back in early February. But now it has a proper place in Google's Nexus One help articles. And from it we learn:

  • The dock has a built-in speaker and volume controls. (We'd like to see an FM transmitter, but we're not holding our breath.)
  • The Car Home app loads automatically (we assume that means "launches") when the phone's inserted.
  • There's a proper 12V charger to keep you juiced up and navigating.

What's still missing: Price and actual availability, though it sure looks like we could see it any day now. Keep your eyes peeled, people. [Google via Android and Me]