Nexus One Captured In High Res Pictures, Flies In 3D Benchmark Tests

It seems like no matter how much we think we know, there's always something new to learn about the Nexus One. Even with the January 5th event so close, doesn't it feel like there'll be some big twist in the end to shake things up? The latest? Well, other than the Nexus One finally deciding to show up in some high quality pictures, it looks like the Nexus One can handle itself some 3D. The video after the jump showcases the Nexus One's 3D benchmark test using Qualcomm's Neocore.

Yeah, that was all kinds of impressive. Check out the video after the jump along with more high quality pictures of the Nexus One!

[via engadget]

  • I'm Getting This Phone!!! The Motorola Sholes Is tempting though..? But nothing can beat Android on A True Google Phone.
  • Very excited as well.. BUT.. Not really a "true google" phone is it? Just a new htc device, but still pretty BA and the only phone (other than an iphone for 3 weeks) that will pull me away from my blackberry.
  • So I keep asking myself, does it place phone calls? I have not seen anyone use the dialer, is it this infamous VOIP phone too?
  • I wonder if Google specifically tailored this version of Android 2.1 to the Nexus One, or if we're seeing stock Android 2.1. If it's stock, I'm liking this better than the Sense on my Hero as long as it has the social network integration that I have heard is built in.
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