Nexus 4 heading to Middle East - Saudi Arabia launch 'very soon'

Looks like LG and Google's Nexus 4 is starting to spread its reach across the world. We've already heard that Canadian carriers and Australian retailers will begin selling the phone this February, and now it seems Saudi Arabia is also set to get the LG-made Nexus.

A post on the LG Electronics KSA Facebook page says it'll launch in the country "very soon," but gives no indication as to when exactly the launch will take place, or where it'll be available for sale.

Meanwhile, the device has consistently sold out on the Google Play Store, in the U.S., UK, Canada and elsewhere. LG representatives have blamed higher than expected demand for the scarcity of Nexus 4 stock, though the manufacturer expects to have the supply issues resolved by mid-February.

Source: LG Electronics KSA; Thanks, Follower!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • I want a Play Store N4!
  • exactly been looking for one myself
  • Its already available here, I saw a bunch of Nexus 4s yesterday when I was looking for an iPad for my kid brother & an HTC 8X for me.
  • did you see them in stores or in hands?
  • Stores , I also saw a Nexus 10
  • People there are N4's out there. The only difference between a playstore N4 and a Tmobile N4 is the price. If you really want one add a extra $150 to your budget and walk into any Tmobile store. N4's are not as scarce as people think.
    A Tmobile N4 is just an unsubsidized N4.
  • Awesome! I bet the Nexus 4 will make an awesome "triggering device" for them!
  • Your replay say a lot about your sick and racist personality.
  • and in italy ? .. LG FUCK
  • Yes,
    Another country that won't be able to get their hands on one!!!
  • Nexus 4 was presented officially in my country (Bulgaria) as well by one of the local carriers. The devices can be seen in one of their stores and the selling will start at the beginning of February. But the price without contract will be 500 euro for the 16GB version. With contract the device is 300 euro with monthly fee of 27 euro for 2 years.
  • Yeah, I knew the $299 price was too good to be true.
    Everyone is trying to make a buck with this phone now. Good luck trying to get one from GP.
  • Maybe Google should get it to market where it already is supposed to be before adding countries? Just saying. We still can barely get one here.
  • The Galaxy Note II is taking stores by a storm here at Saudi Arabia but it'd make a great opportunity for the rising Devs over here to own one (how to develop for Android is finally being taught in universities!).
  • Are Woman aloud phones in Saudi Arabia?
  • Are you serious? of course not... do you know how expensive phone bills are around here ?
  • Are you sure that you are in ksa or just want to make a comment without knowing anything!
  • As far as I can see, women here have more mobile phones than men
  • How about fixing the inventory issues you have first!!