After some not-so-subtle teasing, Nextbit has put a new color of the Robin, a bright red hue — matched with a black main body — called "ember," up for sale on its website immediately. The new color carries the same $299 price available previously, but this color is available in a very limited quantity on a first-come, first-served basis. One of the defining features of the Nextbit Robin is its design and standout color options, and the ember color just adds to it.

Ember color Nextbit Robin

Alongside the new color offering, all Nextbit Robin owners will soon have access to a new August software update, which will extend its "smart storage" function to include videos. The latest software update will also include Google's July security patches, which is just as important. The update will roll out today to those who have joined the Robin beta program, and once tested will hit all Robin owners shortly thereafter.

If you want to snag an ember-colored Nextbit Robin, you can do so now!

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