Newton, a simple and powerful email platform, has released another one of its so-called Superchargers to clean up its users' messy inboxes.

Formerly called CloudMagic, Newton has transformed into one of the most elegant and powerful email platforms out there, and it's available on practically every platform, including Android. With today's update, the Tidy Inbox feature brings Google's email tabs to any account, from Gmail to Outlook to Yahoo, and it works really well.

Like Outlook's Focused Inbox, Newton tries to determine whether an email should be filtered to one of currently two sub-categories — Social or Newsletter — or pass through to the main inbox. The feature works on the server side, so the same results show up on all platforms at once. If an email gets filtered by mistake, it's easy to just make that correction and future emails from that sender will go directly to the inbox.

Newton comes with a 14-day free trial and is $49.99 after that — and in my opinion is worth every penny. I've gone through nearly every email platform out there, and Newton is the only one I've stuck with.