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New Samsung Galaxy S2 commercial saves lives, makes dreams come true

Congratulations, Samsung fans. Samsung Mobile has just released another commercial for their soon-to-be-hit phone, the Galaxy S2, and it continues to prove that this is definitely the everyman's phone.

I think we can all recall a time when we've been in an icy tundra, hands shaking too much to text. Now, instead of living out our last moments terrified, lonely, and cold, we can just message our closest buddy to send the dogsled along. If that's not quality, I don't know what is.

So hit up the video, watch it, and enjoy. But when you're done, ask yourself: Can Steve's newfangled iPhone do that?

  • nice! =D cant wait for this to come out.
  • That does look sexy!
  • Is that TW 3.0? If so, I like!
  • Is that TW 4.0? If so, I like!
  • this is a nice gonna keep my inspire though...its funny how apple is suing samsung, guess they got jealous...but apple is gonna be suffering here. havent they heard the term, "never bite the hand that feeds you"?
  • Is that a rectangle shaped touchscreen phone?... Doesn't Samsung know that Apple has trademarked the rectangle shape? Everyone has to make a rhombus shaped phone now..
  • i was actually looking forward to more triangular shaped phones myself
  • It's dodecahedron for me or nothing!!! lol
  • I was actually hoping they'd go for a holographic sphere form factor. Maybe that looks too much like an apple though.... don't wanna get sued by any particular company....
  • +1, lol
  • Finally a company showcases voice commands. My non tech friend was blown away after he bought his Evo and realized speech to text. More because they didn't use that as a selling point when he went to buy it.
  • oh great... something Android phones have been doing since Donut....
  • good luck getting icecream or any other updates
  • Funny u say that cause the galaxy s has gotten froyo and now gingerbread. Again for all u dumbarses. Its not Samsungs fault when it comes to updates. Its ur friendly cell phone providers!
  • If that were the case there would be leaks of those builds. It is Samsung USA. They drag feet on updates here because we still have the most disposable income of their markets. It helps them sell more devices.
  • Well the source code for gb is now release. I've had froyo on my epic for months. And I've had everything running.the time it took for me to get my offical update for the epic wasn't samsung fault to me. It was Sprints cause they had to get all their crap in it. Like Sprint ID. And to most android users. They don't even care what they are running. Most of them don't even know. Only a small percent of the android community care about these updates.
  • they should put this on gingerbread for original Galaxy S
  • Froyo has it. And like someone on here said. You can do that since doughnut. 2.0
  • Q: How does your GalaxyS2 phone get updated from Gingerbread to Ice Cream? A: Buy the GalaxyS3 Oh!
  • You know, I get kind of tired of people bashing Samsung. Yes, they take a long time to push out updates. Regardless of that fact, the devices they are producing are still significantly better than any others out there. I've played with all sorts of phones and my fascinate running Eclair blows the competition (running froyo) out of the water. Props to Samsung for tolerating us. I am excited to see this phone in action. I doubt I'll be able to get one, but it's a nice thought
  • Hear hear!
  • Very true. I really have not had a problem with this phone (other than my bricking it). The phone just works and that's how it should be. If you need constant updates then get a "pure Google" phone.. which BTW is made by Samsung too!! Something that some of the bashers seem to constantly forget...
  • :) very true. The way people want updates. Why don't they become devs and make there own to keep themselfs happy. It seem people expect a phone maker to have updates every month.
  • Don't care if you are tired or not. Samsung has a proven track record of pissing off a lot of good customers that paid through the nose for their products, and got left behind. Just read some of the old threads. There is a lot of validity to putting down Samsung. They made their bed. Buy one of their products! Be my guest. I will not. The same applies to the subsequent posters that agree with you. I do not need to become a dev, I root and update my HTC Incredible.
  • Again. Its not Samsungs fault for the update. Its ur cell phone provider. At&t, verizon, Sprint, and T moblie. Those are the people that need to put the crap in android that causes update delays. And that kinda sad u have to root ur phone to update. I once rooted my phone but then was like ok. Now what? To me rooting does nothing extra to my phone. Only thing rooting did was waste my time and having to find a way to unroot it.
  • It is the cell providers that are at fault with the update debacle. They don't have a vested interest in updating software, but they do have a vested interest in people updating phones because it lengthens commitments. Still, phones are disposable technology. Even if you could, would you want to hang onto a phone more than two years? No way. Two years ago was the G1 (released in October of 2008), which was great for its day, but is seriously outdated now. More than anything this is like the computer industry. There was a time of quick product development until the market died down. Even so, I wouldn't hold onto a computer more than 3 years now. The hardware might not wear out, but the software will be much more capable in three years that it would warrant a new system. Today's phones really are pocket computers and I would anticipate that they will eventually follow suit with computers. Samsung makes fine hardware, and if we're reading these kind of blogs, then rooting and flashing Cyanogen should get us all the upgrades we want, anyway. I, for one, am excited about the Galaxy SII. As a current iPhone 3Gs owner, I can't wait to jump ship, and this is the phone I'm going to do it with.
  • I think my next phone should have Tegra 2. This phone is sexy though. And since Apple is suing Samsung, I'm more interested in Samsung products than ever before.
  • Soooooo, it's Vlingo?
  • I replaced my trusty HTC HD2 for a galaxy S2 and love the phone except the phone microphone is crap. Yoy have to raise your voice on about 2/3 of all calls.
    I thought this might be my area or phone but checking with another S2 owner in different area and same comment re the mic's poor location for good phone usage.
    What surprises me is no review covers this basic testing of a feature.