Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is available for pre-order at all four major US wireless carriers, it would appear that Samsung is stepping up their promotion plans for the upcoming 5.7-inch smartphone with a new, and very long, promotional video.

The over four minute clip has a couple of friends deciding to play a word game where they try to rename as many words as they can with "note". Is it childish? Yes, and that's even noted (yep, we put one in there) by the participants in the game. One of the friends manages to drag his girlfriend into playing the "noteism" game.

The clip does feature the Galaxy Note 4 and some of its features, but most of the video is just about the friends trying to keep their "noteism" score as high as possible. We suspect that we will see shorter versions of this clip on television in the coming weeks.

Did you like this video for the Galaxy Note 4 and would you ever play this kind of a game with a friend or friends in real life?

Source: Samsung Mobile USA on YouTube