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Sony announces new PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller colors, pre-orders available now

Update: These new controllers are now available for pre-order! You can snag the Blue Camouflage (opens in new tab), Sunset Orange (opens in new tab) (which looks suspiciously like Goku's color scheme), and Berry Blue (opens in new tab) controllers at Amazon, while the Copper (opens in new tab) version is available at GameStop.

There's no current shortage of color options on the Dualshock PlayStation 4 controllers (opens in new tab), but if you weren't really into one that you've already seen, maybe one of these new ones will do it for you. Sony has announced four new color schemes, Berry Blue, Blue Camouflage, Copper, and Sunset Orange, and they all look awesome. The Sunset Orange (opens in new tab) option has been available in the U.S. for a little, and will now be making its way to more regions, and the Copper color will be exclusive to GameStop in the U.S. Pre-orders will kick off soon, and they should be officially available to customers in the U.S, Canada, and more in September.

These colors are said to launch at $65. If you're looking to add a new controller to your collection today, you could grab one from Amazon for $46.96 (opens in new tab) right now in black, silver, gold, green camo, or wave blue. Be sure to keep it locked here for more information as it becomes available, including a link to grab one of these for yourself.

Which one of the new colors interests you? I'll be ordering one of the Berry Blue as soon as it's available, personally.

See at Amazon (opens in new tab)

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  • I'll stick to my clear semi-transparent controller, but the orange one is interesting
  • I only like the blue camo
  • Why is the touchpad always black? Kinda sucks.
  • I think they're fugly. Sorry!
  • The 500 million controller is really nice. I preordered one from Amazon gGermany. I would guess or hope Amazon US will have them at some point.|&tabid=a9372d087e477157&
  • The copper one is clean. Pre-ordered it yesterday. Gonna match it w/ the midnight blue control.
  • Yeah, I admit that's not bad. Wish it was more metallic-looking, though.
  • Xbox Design Lab customs FTW
  • Digging the orange one.