Google Pixel 4a Billboard Leak HeaderSource: Evan Blass / Twitter

What you need to know

  • Leaked marketing materials show the Pixel 4a will start at $399, the same price as the Pixel 3a from last year.
  • The images of the billboard ads are an obvious fake, but the information comes from reliable leaker Evan Blass.
  • Google is rumored to drop the XL model this year, only producing the Pixel 4a in one size.

It's that time of the year again, where Google's upcoming phone will get leaked in entirety before the tech giant can even announce it. Several days ago, we got our first look at new Pixel 4a with some live images. Then, yesterday, a video was posted on YouTube showing off the device and confirming most of the specs.

Now, we have some new information coming to us via notable leaker Evan Blass's Twitter account. In a tweet sent out early this morning, Blass has shown off three photos of a billboard featuring ads for the Pixel 4a. Not much information is revealed in the series of photos, except for the starting price. According to the last picture, the new Pixel 4a will start at $399.

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Google Pixel 4a Billboard LeakSource: Evan Blass / Twitter

That would be the same price as the previous Pixel 3a that was released in 2019. Since it ad says, "starting at $399," we can also assume there will be more than one model. At the moment, what that means is still up for debate. The rumor is that Google will forego making an XL model this year because of poor sales of the Pixel 3a XL. This means any additional more expensive models would only feature more storage, instead of a larger display.

Most people will notice that all three photos are identical except for the different graphics on the billboard. The clouds don't move, the trees don't move, and the camera angle doesn't change at all. These are all telltale signs of the images being Photoshopped. However, Blass has been a reliable source of leaked information over the years, and just because the billboard is fake, doesn't mean the information is incorrect. This could have just been a clever way to show off the marketing materials, or Google mockups to see what the billboards would look like.

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