Lenovo Smart Display 7 front and backSource: Lenovo

What you need to know

  • The Smart Display 7 is exclusive to B&H through 2019.
  • The speakers are mounted under the display rather than beside like on the 8 and 10-inch models
  • B&H is offering a $30 discount on the Smart Display 7 and throwing in a Wi-Fi smart plug with purchase.

Lenovo has been selling its 8 and 10-inch Smart Displays for a while now, and earlier this year came out with a smaller beside version with the Lenovo Smart Clock. Now, the company is releasing a new Smart Display 7 that will, you guessed it, have a 7-inch display and have all of the Google Assistant features you'd expect.

Different from its larger siblings, this 7-inch version has the dual-speakers mounted below the display — rather than on the side of the display — to give better stereo sound. Lenovo also included the same physical camera cover that we had from the previous Smart Displays.

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From the B&H listing, we can see the retail price is going to be $130, but right now B&H is selling it for $99 and giving buyers a Lenovo Wi-Fi Smart Plug to help with outfitting your smart home.

What do you think — is this Lenovo Smart Display 7 going to have a home on your kitchen counter while you cook up your holiday meals?

7 makes four

Lenovo Smart Display 7

The stable grows

Lenovo's latest Smart Display 7 is here to help with all of your questions like "When should I start thawing my turkey," setting your cooking timers, or getting just the right music for that holiday feast.

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