New leak suggests LG's 2018 flagship will be called the LG G7 ThinQ

LG's 2018 flagship is slated to launch sometime this quarter, and if a new leak from Evan Blass is any indication, the phone will be called the LG G7 ThinQ. LG said earlier this year that it was ditching the G-series branding in favor of a new naming convention, but it doesn't look like the name will change all that much after all.

The South Korean manufacturer has been using ThinQ branding for its smart home products for some time now, but with the LG V30S ThinQ, it decided to bring phones into the fold. The ThinQ moniker in the V30S alludes to the phone's AI capabilities, with the camera picking up an AI-assisted feature that automatically switches to the optimal shooting mode based on lighting conditions.

The V30S also comes with the ability to control LG's smart home appliances, and the phone has exclusive Google Assistant commands. With the G7 set to sport a similar branding, it's likely we'll see a similar set of features on LG's upcoming flagship.

As for the hardware, recent leaks suggest the G7 will sport a notch at the top of the display, and the device is set to be powered by the Snapdragon 845. It could also feature an MLED+ screen, along with dual 16MP cameras, up to 6GB of RAM, 3300mAh battery with wireless charging, and a high-fidelity DAC.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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