The new Google Assistant only speaks English and is exclusive to the U.S.

Pixel 4 compact Google Assistant
Pixel 4 compact Google Assistant (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The new Google Assistant can run on your device locally, yielding a massive increase in performance
  • It'll first roll out with the Pixel 4 series.
  • At launch, the new experience will be exclusive to the U.S. and available only in English.

Alongside launching a slate of new products at its launch event earlier today, Google also showcased the new Assistant experience, which it first teased at Google I/O back in May. The revamped Assistant is going to start rolling out with the Pixel 4 series. However, it will, unfortunately, be restricted to the U.S. and can only handle English queries at launch.

Google's demo at I/O 2019 featured a near-astronomical leap in the virtual assistant's performance, as the company was able to cram the 100GB+ of algorithms and data that Assistant previously required to just 500MB. This means that Assistant can handle most tasks that previously required an internet connection and processing in the cloud locally on your device, yielding as much as a 10x increase in performance.

Alongside this, the new Assistant features a sleeker look, will integrate with Waze, and promises to include a Driving Mode to help make navigation while driving easier.

All that scrumptious goodness is precisely why the announcements may be a little bittersweet for those living outside the U.S. or those who prefer using languages other than English. No timeline has yet been given on when the new Assistant will make its way to non-Pixel phones outside the U.S., or when language support for the digital assistant will be expanded. Still, Google does have a good track record in this regard, so it'll likely be sooner rather than later.

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