What you need to know

  • Google has finally started rolling out the stable version of Chrome OS 76 after a slight delay.
  • Chrome OS 76 adds support for the much-awaited "Virtual Desks" feature.
  • The latest release also brings a new accessibility setting called Automatic Clicks as well as new media controls.

Google has started rolling out the stable version of Chrome OS 76 to users. The latest release brings quite a few new features as well as several bug fixes. Since the update is being rolled out in stages, some of you may have to wait a day or two before you see the update on your device.

The most exciting new feature that Chrome OS 76 brings to the table is support for "Virtual Desks". Similar to the virtual desktops feature in Windows, the "Virtual Desks" feature in Chrome OS 76 lets users create up to four desks for enhanced productivity. To create a new desk, you will need to click on the "show all windows" button on your keyboard and then select "new desk".

Apart from "Virtual Desks", the latest stable release adds a new Accessibility setting called Automatic Clicks. You can simply hover over an item and the feature will click automatically after a set amount of time. The feature, which has been designed for users with motor or dexterity challenges, can also be used to right click, double click, and click and drag. In addition to a touchpad or a connected mouse, the feature can be used with head tracking as well.

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Google has also added new media controls that make it easier than ever to control audio playback on Chromebooks. When you click the bottom right of your screen, you will now be able to see controls for all audio playing on your device.

As noted by the folks over at About Chromebooks, the update includes a few other new features as well. These include improved tab visuals, GPU acceleration in Linux by default on select Chromebooks, and the ability to send a URL from your Chromebook to your smartphone.

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