SteelSeries has announced a new controller, the Stratus Duo. It's called Duo because it is designed to swap between two platforms: Android and PC. Connect the controller to your 2.4 GHz wireless network to play on Windows and then easily switch to Bluetooth for mobile gaming on the Android platform, Oculus Go, or Samsung VR. You do have the option for a wired connection, too, if you want.

Forget the inconvenience of a touchscreen when trying to play more advanced games. Just connect this controller and go. It switches seamlessly, too. There's no software to install or any additional setup requirements. On the PC side of things, the controller works with Steam so gamers can play thousands of controller-enabled Steam games. You'll also get the full support of Steam Big Picture Mode and SteamLink.

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If you've ever seen or used the Stratus XL controller, the new Stratus Duo boasts a similar but upgraded design. The new triggers have Magnetic Hall Effect sensors to stay precise, and the high-performance analog joysticks have very few dead zones so movement stays fluid. The battery lasts for 20 hours at least, and it comes with a micro USB cable for charging.

Along with the controller, SteelSeries will soon be releasing a new accessory called the SmartGrip. It will feature an adjustable phone mount that can clip on top of the new controller to hold your phone while you play. That will be only $9.99 when it comes out. The controller is availalable now for $59.99 through SteelSeries. You can also order it on Amazon, although it seems to be out of stock for the moment.

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