360-degree videos are really cool, and so is watching them in VR. The new 360fly camera does both and makes it easy to import and share them everywhere. And it looks pretty neat, too.

Taking 360 videos doesn't have to be hard, even when you're shooting them in 4K. The way it used to be done involved multiple cameras at multiple angles all feeding into expensive software on a really high-end computer plus a lot of editing time. With the new 360fly, now all you do is set it in place, start recording and use your phone or computer to look at and share the finished video — which is preassembled with all the metadata needed to watch through a VR headset.

We really like the way 360fly is going about it here. We've seen 360 4K cameras from other companies, but the small size of the 360fly and fun shape — it's a magic golf ball with one eye — draw us to it. We felt the same way with the Samsung Gear 360. A camera that takes spherical video should look like a sphere, right?

The easier a thing is to use, the more you'll be using it.

A camera built for the consumer also needs to be easy to use. Complicated extra features are always cool and welcomed by many, but you need to be able to set it in place, hit a button and then walk away while it does its thing. The 360fly nails it, and we spent enough time using the previous model to know that making 360 video easy means you'll use it more.

While we're not sure what Samsung's plans are for a Gear 360 update yet, but for now, the 360fly takes the cake. It's easy to use, can fit almost anywhere and shoots VR ready video in 4K without any file editing.

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