Netflix Play SomethingSource: Netflix

What you need to know

  • Netflix has finally launched its shuffle feature worldwide.
  • The "Play Something" feature will roll out on connected TVs first.
  • Android devices will receive the feature soon, with no word on iOS availability.

Netflix has been working on its shuffle feature for some time now. A version of it was first spotted a couple of years ago, but nothing ever came of it until last year when the company reportedly began testing the feature. Netflix is now keeping its word and rolling out the feature worldwide.

Dubbed "Play Something," the new shuffle feature is pretty straightforward, allowing viewers to launch a movie or TV show at random. It's helpful for the times when you can't figure out what to watch since Netflix chooses shows and movies based on what you've already seen. The idea is that Netflix will guide you towards titles that you're most likely to enjoy. If you're not a fan of what Netflix recommends, you can "Play Something Else," and Netflix will either choose something brand new, a title you have already seen, something you haven't finished, or something on your watchlist. The feature also supports Text-to-Speech for subscribers that use screen-readers.

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Netflix subscribers can access the Play Something a few different ways on smart TV platforms like Chromecast with Google TV. It'll be available when you first log into the app, underneath your profile image, on the navigation menu to the left of the display, or on the 10th row of the homepage. The feature isn't yet available on the best Android phones, but according to Variety, it's coming soon. There's no word yet on when the iOS app will gain the feature, but we here at Android Central can help you find some of the best Netflix shows.

Meanwhile, Netflix has yet to bring its new Fast Laughs feature to Android devices, which introduces TikTok-style video clips from comedy titles.

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