Netflix testing an option to remove items from Continued Watching and more

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Netflix Logo (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Android Netflix app is testing a new three-dot overflow menu for the Continued Watching section.
  • It would bring two exciting features that would allow you to play a random episode of a series or remove a title from your Continued Watching list.
  • The new menu is currently in testing and will only be available to a small number of users.

Have you ever tried a show or a movie on Netflix only to decide it's not for you? Then, you're stuck with it in your Continued Watching list constantly taking up space until you remove it via the web. Well, the good news is that Netflix is testing a new way to remove items from the Continued Watching list in the Android app.

Previously, the only way to remove a title from the list was to access your viewing activity page using a web browser. However, Artem over at Android Police recently discovered a new overflow menu in the Android Netflix app with this option and much more.

If you do have the option, it will appear as a three-dot overflow button in the bottom right corner under the thumbnail for the video. There was an info button there previously, but it has now been moved to the left corner.

Source: Android Police

Once you tap the button, a menu will pop up with several options to choose from — including Play, Episodes And Info, More Like This, Play Random Episode, Share, Rate, and Remove from Row. While most of the options are rather mundane, the two most exciting have to be Play Random Episode and Remove From Row. There have been so many times I wished I could play a random episode of a show or remove a video from my Continued Watch list. Seeing these two new options would have me super excited, if only I had access to them.

Currently, Netflix is only testing the new menu, and as such, it may not appear for you. Netflix regularly runs tests like this, giving only a portion of users access to a feature to see if it is popular.

Hopefully, this will be a short test for Netflix and it will roll it out to more users in the near future. For now, if you're like me, you'll just be sitting and waiting for that three-dot button to appear.

Jason England