Netflix announces Android Wear support, new social features

Netflix recently took to its blog to detail some nifty new features coming to its Android app. Coming along for the ride is a new "Social Recommendation" feature that has already graced other platforms. Perhaps the biggest news, however, is that Android Wear integration is coming and will push notifications for recommended movies to your wrist.

Netflix went into more detail on each feature in its blog post:

First, we're taking full advantage of the rich Android push notification capabilities to add images and action buttons that let you to watch, get more info, or thank your friend for a recommendation.

Second, for Android smartwatch users, we've created an Android Wear integration that alerts you when you've received a recommendation, and lets you watch, thank, play, or get more details on the show.

While the social recommendation feature already appears to be live according to Google Play, it looks as though Android Wear support will be coming in a future update.

Source: Netflix