Google Nest HubSource: Joe Maring/Android Central

What you need to know

  • Previously, these options were possible by asking your Nest hub to perform the specific action.
  • Hiding a photo will archive it in Google Photos.
  • Some photos will also let you see other memories from that day.

Google's Nest Hub lineup is a wonderful addition to a smart home for various techy reasons, with one of the best being its awesome function as a photo frame — and it just got better. Android Police found that Google is adding on-screen buttons to let you favorite, hide, or share a photo directly from the screen.

While the ability to do these tasks has been there for quite some time via voice commands, the addition of on-screen buttons is welcomed. Now, remembering the exact phrase to get Google to perform the task is less important.

Google Nest Hub photo buttonsSource: Joe Maring/Android Central

To get to the newly added buttons, simply press and hold on a photo, and you'll see the options in the lower right corner. When you favorite a photo, it will be added to Google Photos favorites, whereas the hide option will archive it in Google Photos, and tapping share lets you send it to a contact. There is a fourth option that shows up in some photos that will let you see other photos from that day, much like the Memories feature in Google Photos. Voice commands are great, but sometimes I just want a button.

Nested features

Nest Hub

Smart home manager and photo frame in one

The Nest Hub has been available for a while now, and Google keeps adding features to it. Aside from being a wonderful photo frame, it's also an integral part of a smart home as well as a great speaker for catching all your favorite tunes.

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