Nest HelloNest Hello — the Alphabet-owned answer to the Ring Video doorbell (among other competitors) — is now slated to ship sometime in March.

The fine print on the Nest Hello preorder site was recently (and quietly, because on the internet no one can hear you scream) was changed to reflect the new shipping schedule. While a firm date has never been given, it previously said to expect it in February.

A slippage of a date that was never publicly nailed down in the first place? Maybe. But more likely is that Nest is just getting its ducks in a row. And it makes sense, as Nest also is offering a free Google Home Mini if you preorder by Feb. 20. That basically would have left a week beyond that for the connected doorbell to ship. And, so, the fine print has changed. (You might still see display advertising with the February time frame. Ducks are hard to wrangle sometimes.)

In any event, you can still preorder the Nest Hello for $229. As for when in March it'll ship? Stay tuned.

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