Nest Camera

Leaked details come from DroidLife sources, stating the new Nest Cam has been in testing for months disguised as a Dropcam Pro. FCC certification was spotted this morning by the same publication, confirming plans for Nest to launch a new camera setup.

Using the FCC filing as reference, we have a rather vague idea as to what the Nest Cam will sport in terms of features and connectivity. Not only is there Bluetooth on-board (expected to be used for initial setup), but 1080p streaming is also believed to be available to owners. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for next week's event for more details.

As well as the new Nest Cam, the company will also be rolling out an update to the official Nest app.

Nest App Update

The new user interface brings everything together with a modern look and feel, sporting slide-down menus and support all Nest products. Think of the upcoming app update to become your hub for all your connected Nest hardware. again, we'll keep you all informed as we learn more about the app and Nest Cam.

Source: Droid Life