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myTouch 3G 1.2 Includes Swype Keyboard ?

We know a lot of you folks have been excited over Swype, the new keyboard input method that allows you to simply drag your fingers to keys you want to type. It's definitely convenient for one handed 'typing' and for some people Swype really works. We've seen promising videos of Swype in action and even told you how to get Swype yourself, but unlike the keen readers we have here, we're sure the average Android user has little clue about this potentially game changing new input method.

So what if an Android phone launches with Swype? Would that catapult Swype to mainstream usage and success? It looks we'll get a chance to see because rumors are saying that the myTouch 3G 1.2 will include the Swype keyboard out of the box. We definitely support the decision because the more options for us, the better.

Could Swype eventually become standard on all Android phones? How has your experience been with it?

[via tmotoday]

  • There should be an option to turn Swype on and off. If you can only type with one hand at the moment, turn it on. If you have two hands free, somehow quickly turn it off. Maybe a feature similar to how if you want to voice input somewhere in a text field you can just slide your finger from left to right on the keyboard. Maybe slide your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top or long-press a certain button? I think Swype is going to prevent this phone from reaching its potential. The movements probably feel very similar to typing a message single handedly with a numerical keypad. Ew. If you use two hands with Swype, I imagine the feeling would be equivalent to people trying to walk on an ice skating rink without ice skates. Your thumbs will be flying every which way with no clear cut indication/signal for when/where to stop. Although, I'm sure SOME [crazy] people will prefer it. If the option to turn Swype off/on isn't there, there's no way in HELL I'm getting this phone. Minus 1 for T-Mo.
  • You don't have to actually swype all the time with this keyboard. You can type on it like a normal keyboard.
  • I agree, but also one should understand that you can't blame people from being lazy. As for tbe mytouch device, It hasn’t been confirmed whether the device will be called the myTouch2, or myTouch Slide, but in the end, it’s really a HTC Espresso. While pricing information isn’t released yet, More features are being released.
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  • Swype is GREAT!!! Much easier to use than expected. Do the tutorial ONE time and it is super easy after that!! It is MUCH better than the video shows. Btw, I didnt know it, its creator was the same guy that created T9,
  • I used Swype. It was clumsy and pretty much sucked... For the first three hours or so... Then I did the tutorial and tried it some more. By the end f the day I was about twice as fast as on the Android keyboard. You can type on it like a regular keypad (and you have to the first time you type a word that Swype does not know, like "spondylolisthesis" - but once you type it and hit the space bar it learns that word too). To be honest, Swyoe is not that responsive when you type traditionlally. For that reason, I also do not find it very useful in landscape mode, when I am typing with two thumbs.... BUT THE KILLER CONFIGURATION would be the ability to have Swype in portrait mode, and Android Keyboard in landscape mode!
  • I played around w/ Swype when I had an Omnia i910 after folks ported it over from the Omnia II. In practice it was OK. However, I felt that a traditional keyboard was better suited for my tastes. I recently upgraded to a Droid Eris and after using that keyboard I can't see any reason why I'd switch back to, or alternate back and forth with, Swype.
  • I just started using Swype with the new ROM I installed the other day. I LOVE IT!!! It's amazing, and I can't understand why this hasn't been more prominent before now. It's amazingly easy to use, and I don't even understand how it can be so accurate, but it almost always gets what I want it to type. This should at least be a stock option on all Android phones!
  • I just tried it. I was able to type "typewriter" on Swype faster than on my laptop keyboard...
  • Has anyone ever tried that a swype-style keyboard? They're not that great, from my experience... Try typing typewriter, all on one line. It's near impossible!
  • I've been using it for about a month now and definitely think this can become a norm, I have to agree about the option to be able to hit a voice input would be great , other than that I love it
  • I have the leaked version on my Droid, love it, wouldn't think of going back. I hope they release it for individual purchase, right now their goal is to sell it to manufactures to include out of the box as note with this phone above.